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Jul 24, 2006 08:37 PM

Kosher Kimchi

Does Kosher kimchi exist?

Thanks Cheryl

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  1. It's traditionally made with shrimp paste, treif as anything.
    But you could make your own without too much trouble and just leave that out, I suppose. I've certainly never seen any *certified* kosher (not too many kosher Koreans?), though "kosher style" might exist.

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      Actually, there are thousands of versions of kimchi and it is easy to find a vegan recipe for this fermented, healthful, delicious food. Maanchi, the Korean chef ( says you can puree some anchovy to substitute for the fish sauce. ok, you can't eat it with fleishig, or just leave the fish sauce out as this Korean Martial Artist does:

      Here is another vegan kimchi recipe:


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        I make a variation from Maanchi's recipe for kimchi weekly and tend to make extra for my friends who are both kosher and vegan. I substitute a vegan oyster sauce (i usually make it from mushrooms) and mix in a bit of seaweed and let it soak to get a nice fishy flavor. It's pretty awesome and from the looks of it, it qualifies as kosher. I'm thinking of making it by the gallon soon.

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      1. I think Ruth's Kitchen in Brookline has kimchi

        1. I've had kimchi, I think, at Hangawi Vegetarian restaurant. True, Hangawi isn't kosher, but it is a vegetarian place, which means it must be possible to make kimchi without shrimp products. Maybe anchovies, as the poster above suggests.

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            I've never had it and never been to Hangawi but if they are vegetarian how can they make it from anchovies which are fish?

            1. re: PapaT

              Sorry I worded that in such a confusing way. I'm assuming the kimchi (if that's where I had it, I think it is) at Hangawi is vegetarian, since the place is completely vegetarian. I was just saying that the poster above is probably right about the possibility of substituting anchovies for shrimp paste. I think fish sauce is made from anchovies, and it's used in many Asian recipes.

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