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Jul 24, 2006 08:28 PM

amazing watermelon margaritas

About the only thing that's been really pleasant about this heat wave were the wonderful icy watermelon margaritas I whipped up the other night. I think you were supposed to freeze the watermelon chunks first, but I forgot, so I just combined:
about two cups of watermelon chunks
about two cups of ice cubes
about a cup of Trader Joe's margarita mix
a few tablespoons of agave sweetener
a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
three jiggers of tequila

and blended it up into into a delicious icy slush. Even my boyfriend who doesn't really like watermelon was very happy. I bought the agave sweetener at Whole Foods because I saw another cocktail recipe that called for it and I think it's a nice natural, fruity way to sweeten tequila drinks, or anything for that matter.

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  1. Chowpatty:

    What part of whole foods was the agave sweetener in? With the sugars or in the alcohol area? I want to try an "on the rocks" version of this!

    echo eater

    1. In the sugar aisle, right next to the honey and such, in squirt bottle like honey. Good stuff, but a little pricey.

      1. Watermellon is definitely an under-developed cocktail ingredient IMO. Watermellon and mint is a good combo.

        1. I love agave nectar in margaritas and tea (especially watermelon tea). It's pricey in the squeeze bottle, but my friend found some at Whole Foods in a quart sized jug for $10, which was a way better deal than the smaller bottle.

          I've never seen it, but it was the same brand and she found it at the Whole Foods in Los Angeles near The Grove, so if interested you should ask your branch.