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best cheap south east asian in nyc?

looking for affordiable and tasy cambodian, thai, vietnamese restaurants in manhattan or brooklyn.

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  1. Hmmm, not Malaysian? That's part of Southeast Asia, too. If you decide you're interested in Malaysian, go to Skyway, Allen St. between Division and Canal. The consensus opinion is that there is no other Thai restaurant as good as Sripraphai in the Five Boroughs, but I am not current on their prices. I think there is only one Cambodian restaurant in New York (actually in Brooklyn), so not much to choose from. Vietnamese restaurants are usually inexpensive. There's a currently active thread on the Manhattan board about Vietnamese restaurants.

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      If I'm thinking of the same Cambodian place as you (in Ft. Greene), it's actually closed now. Do you know of any others?

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          They closed because they opened a new restaurant on the Upper East Side. Sorry, I don't know the exact location or the name (unless it also is Cambodian Cuisine).

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          Actually, Bo Ky, that cheap cheap cheap and good noodle soup shop on Bayard, is Cambodian. Pongsri Thai on Baxter is not as good as Sripraphai, but it is an OK Manhattan alternative.

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            Bo Ky's name is given on the front of the restaurant in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, and I believe it to be a Chao Zhou restaurant. Are you sure it's Cambodian?

        3. Cambodian Cuisine moved to Manhattan, UES, I think. Someone will have the details. Mai is a sort of pan South East Asian on Atlantic Ave. about Nevins Street. Two or three blocks from the Atlantic Ave./Pacific Street station or Hoyt/Schermerhorn. Definitely affordable.

          1. Try Saigon Grill on 12th Street and University. It opened a month ago. I have not eaten there yet but I checked out the menu and the dishes are very affordable. It is a huge rest. There is also a Vietnamese Rest on 13th and University that has decent food and is affordable. I forgot the name of the rest. though.
            Lemon Grass Grill on 13 street/between university and 5th is also a good choice for Thai

            1. The prices at Saigon Grill were higher than I thought they would be. It is not expensive, but--I thought everything would be a bit lower.
              Cafetasia on 8th Street, just east of University has great prices. They have a happy hour with many $ 4.00 appetizers with 2 for 1 drinks. I had 2 glasses of chardonney and some fabulous gyozas the other night for $9.00, not including tax and tip. www.cafetasia.com

              1. For the best Thai (and inexpensive) if you're not going to make it out to Sripraphai in Queens (which shouldn't be missed, really), Wondee Siam on 9th Ave between 51st and 52nd (Hell's Kitchen)is a good alternative. Don't be confused with Wondee Siam II down the street - it's the newer one and isn't quite a good.

                1. L'Annam
                  393 3rd Ave, New York 10016
                  At 28th St


                  Better to dine in than take out. Really affordable. Shrimp dishes are great. Large, clean shrimp.

                  1. maybe not the best vietnamese in the city but the row of vietnamese on baxter between bayard and canal - including nha trang and new pasteur - are old and easy to get to standbys. i like the banh mi on mott near grand too - i forget the name of it - it's a small bakery that has great banh mi and other cheap and tasty dishes. maybe it's called saigon banh mi?
                    and i haven't checked it out yet but sunset park in brooklyn has a bunch of vietnamese restaurants that get raves.

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                    1. i'm loving nam son (grand & chrystie) lately. the grilled pork/shredded pork/crab patty over rice is my new favorite dish.

                      1. If I want good quality southeast asian I'll go to Penang in Chinatown on Eliabeth Street north of Canal. They got a mixture of Southeast asian cusine. They got better Malaysian out in Flushing. Anyone ever had a good taro soup?

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                          Skyway is better. Try it and see.

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                            I will thanks for the tip. Any dishes you recommend?

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                              Get main dishes with seafood, especially if they're called "spicy" or "aromatic." I've had the Spicy Crab and Aromatic Squid, and both were great. Very good Kangkung Belacan. Nasi Lemak good to excellent. The satay is good, and I like the roti telur and pasembur. (Warning: the "appetizer" portion of pasembur is really main dish sized!) I'm looking forward to going back with a group of people and trying some whole fish dishes, etc.

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                                I think I'm going to drop by for dinner tonight.

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                                  i second these recs, and i would add the omelet with baby oyster and the asam laksa to the must-try list.

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                                    I went there for dinner. Thought the menu looked similar to Penang. The food was tasty, but I can't say that is the cleanest place.

                            2. There's Borobudor in the E. Village for Indonesian. not fabulous (compared to time I lived in indonesia), but really cheap and friendly.

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                                You find it cheap? I don't. I like the owner and waitstaff very much, but the food should be better (more interesting, you know) at those prices.

                              2. designerboy, I've eaten in much dirtier surroundings in Malaysia. Also, did you get a look into their kitchen?