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Jul 24, 2006 08:08 PM

Going to Saddle Peak on Saturday! What should I go for?

My sister is treating me to an early-ish dinner (6:00) next Saturday.

So, what are the sure fire hits, and what should I avoid? Also, what should I wear?

Is the buffallo scrummy? What about the antelope? Best fish?

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  1. For starters, I like the foie gras and/or the crabcakes.

    For the main event, if you don't go the game route, I would suggest the double-cut pork chops; otherwise, the buffalo is always a good choice.

    I would avoid the regular beef items - to me, they're mostly pedestrian and lack the attention and care given to the other dishes.

    Never had the chance to sample the seafood offerings, so if you try'em do please report back.

    And as a plug, I am a big fan of their chili, but given this weather ... sigh.

    1. Elk. You must get the Elk. The Elk is to die for. The most tender, wonderful meat you will ever have. Worth living for. Elk.

      The pork chop wih Mac-n-cheese is also excellent, particularly if you have two people and whomever gets the elk is willing to truly share and not just give one bite. (Finer men than most of us have reneged on such a deal, however, after their first bite of the elk.)

      Nice casual to dressy is appropriate. Enjoy! And let us know what you think.

      1. When you go to a unique spot you should order what they specialize in, and at The Saddle Peak that is "Game Meats"; you can get the beef and fish a million other places. And I'll agree with Tom P. that the Elk is the way to go; however, ask what 3 Game meats they're offering on thier "Game Tasting Plate" that evening. If 1 of the 3 is the Elk and the other 2 sound appealing, that might be the "E" ticket.

        Current Game Offerings:

        Grilled free range Guinea Hen with English pea risotto, baby planet carrots and roasted pan jus $26

        Grilled Cornish game hen, stuffed with wild mushrooms and foie gras, Bing cherry reduction and potato nest $28

        Roasted Elk tenderloin with bacon wrapped salsify, Jerusalem artichokes and creamy wild mushroom sauce $39

        Buffalo Loin, cooked “on the range”, with
        twice-baked potato,creamed spinach and Béarnaise sauce $35

        Oven roasted "Broad Leaf " venison rack, asparagus, roasted garlic, Red Bliss mashed potatoes & pear sauce $34

        Game Tasting plate - Chef Marks sampling of three different game meats and/or fowl $37

        Nilgai antelope tenderloin with candied pumpkin, Chanterelles mushrooms, Nueske bacon and black truffle reduction $35

        Braised buffalo short rib "Osso bucco" with soft polenta, cipollini onions, baby planet carrots and braising liquid $31

        1. Was just there Saturday night, the hottest day of the year in SoCal, and REALLY hot in the canyon. I have a word of advice: DO NOT SIT IN THE PATIO. It was soooo hot, we had to leave without dessert. Also, try to sit on the second or third floor, where they have wall unit a/c. The a/c was out for the bottom part of the restaurant where the bar is, and it was unbearable.

          About the food: Elk was amazing, unlike anything I've had before. It comes with fingerling potatoes. The Buffalo was mouthwatering. The pork chop was a Flinstone-like portion, and a tad dry, but had an otherwise great rosemary-infused hearty flavor. Service was excellent. I had the lobster appetizer, and it was very delicate and tasty. I can't wait for cooler weather to go again.

          1. The elk is amazing!! Too bad the weather is so hot, otherwise it is nice to sit on the patio.