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Jul 24, 2006 08:06 PM

Bars Near Daisy May's for Post Pig Roast Drinks?

I'm doing the half-pig with a bunch of friends at Daisy May's this week (I promise I'll report back) and wanted to find somewhere for a beer afterwards (since Daisy May's has no alcohol). The restaurant is on 46th and 11th. Any ideas for a mellow place for a drink with friends?

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  1. While there are plenty of closer options in Hell's Kitchen, I suggest you go to Jimmy's Corner. Just a couple more long blocks, and you'll be so happy there...

    1. Landmark Tavern. 626 11th Ave at 46th. This place is a classic, a definite must for NY historic bars. I have to admit that I haven't been since the renovation but hopefully they haven't killed the authentic ambience of the place. Great great bar.

      1. it depends on the crowd and how many people in your party, but my alltime favorite Hells Kitchen bar is SRO, on 53rd just inside of 9th avenue. kinda hidden, basement level, dark, decent wine and beer selection. pretty cool.

        there's also the 9th avenue classic: rudy's. it's dark, dingy and kinda gross, but hey, it's a reminder of the old HK. after chowing on a pig carcass, it might be the right thing to do.

        there's also a bar called druids on 10th that i remember being pretty mellow.

        1. If you want a German outdoor beer garden setting- Hallo Berlin on 10th Avenue and I think 44th is the place to go.

          If you want microbrewery type of beers in a slightly "hipper" setting, Valahalla on 9th avenue in the 50s has the best selection of beers in Hell's Kitchen.

          1. I've fallen in love with Circus (44th and 9th). It's similar to Rudy's - cheap beer and booze, and free food, but it's a new-ish place, so it's not falling apart yet. The reason to visit is the clientele -- down on their luck salesmen, war vets, older women wearing too much make-up -- it's like walking into the middle of a Tom Waits song.