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Jul 24, 2006 07:37 PM

Dallas - Anyone tried Merkow's?

Merkow's is the steak joint in the old Greenville Bar & Grill space. It's supposed to be an "upscale" steak and seafood restaurant now. Anyone tried it?

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  1. Never heard of it. Is it across the street from Kirby's?


    1. Greg Merkow took some of poker winnings and reformatted GB&G to a steak place. Haven't been there, but that's the story.

      1. We went for dinner a week or so ago on a Thursday. We were one of 2 tables in the place (in contrast, Terrilli's was packed and seating peope outside despite the heat). We were not that impressed. The waiter said that they had been open two weeks or so and that the owner was in Las Vegas for the weekend in a poker game. I would not say he is really intent on owning a great, upscale restaurant.

        We started with the conch fritters which were ok, but short on conch. The H had a deconstructed bleu cheese wedge which was more mayo than bleu cheese or lettuce. I had the fish special, which was nothing special and a bit dry. The dessert was really good --- ice cream in an almond lace cup. The service was the best part of the night. Waiter was personable and helpful, but he was handicapped by the kitchen. I may go give it another chance, but not for a while. I think things definitely need time to gel.

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