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Jul 24, 2006 07:23 PM

Delhi restaurants and spas?

Am going to spend a day and a half in Delhi. Looking for chowhound recommendations. Have searched the boards but oddly enough there is a lot on Mumbai but not much on Delhi. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Husband has a weak tummy so no street food I am afraid. Also, this may not be the right forum but any suggestions on spas? Thanks much!

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  1. I was in Delhi earlier this year for 4 days. I asked my guide for a place serving Butter Chicken, probably Delhi's most famous dish, and she took me to Moti Mahal Deluxe.It is famous for its butter chicken. I LOVED it, although it is very, very rich (with butter of course). I also thought the Naan here was the best I had in India during the following 6 weeks. I believe butter chicken is also known as chicken makhni.This was one of a chain of Moti Mahal Deluxes, and was in the area of the Sheraton Hotel. I believe (but am not positive) its address is 20/48 Maccha Marg Market, Diplomatic Enclave Chankyapuri. Tel. 110-021. But I assume any Moti Mahal Deluxe convenient for you would be largely the same. Beer, is served, and it is not expensive. Speaking of the Sheraton, I stayed there primarily to be able to eat at its restaurant Bukhara -- probably the most lauded Indian restaurant in the world. Never have I been so disappointed. Kebobs were dry, grossly over spiced, and just not good. The dahl was, however, fabulous. The tree stumps you sit on (it is decorated as if it were a campsite) made it the most uncomfortable eating hour of my life.It was also far and away the most expensive place I ate in India -- fully New York or London prices. Avoid the hype, and avoid the restaurant. If you are staying at the Sheraton the daily buffet in the "coffee shop" was fabulous.

    1. I've lived in Delhi for about 4 years now, originally from NYC.

      Top places (to me):
      1) Swagath: Defence Colony main market. Skip the North Indian and Chinese stuff. Go for the Mangalorean. Great prawns and crab.

      2) Andrha Bhwavan

      1. OK... my first time posting and I hit the wrong button....

        so ANDHRA BHAVAN, check out the article. The place is amazing. It's veg but there is a meat supplement, something like 40 rupees, the meat is incredible.

        3) For North Indian try either Karims in Old Delhi or Gaylords in Connaught Place. I think Moti Mahal is ok, some locations are better than others. Agree with the earlier post on Bukhara. Overrated, overpriced and those 'stump's are soooo uncomfortable.

        4) For South Indian try Sarvana Bhavan on Janpath.

        5) For Guju food try Farsaan. It's near Qutab Minar, kind of a pain to get to and really, really basic but the thali is great and it's food that is not easy to find.
        Farsaan, near Anupam Cinema, K H 30, Saidula Jab, M B road, opposite D blcok, Saket. Phones: 011-6838827, 6845861
        (warning.... phone numbers seem to change daily in India)

        Well you will be in Delhi for a day and a half.... think I can stop here!

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          great post, BJD. Hope you keep at it!
          do you have any places to recommend near Karol Bagh?

        2. Sorry Jen, don't know any place in Karol Bagh. However, Karol Bagh is close to Connaught Place so Gaylords and Sarvana are still options..

          1. You can look up my posts on an earlier thread on this Board for Delhi suggestions. Agree that Karims is a must - did not mention it to the other person as he was looking primarily for veg food. I went to the Moti Mahals in Daryaganj and S Ex when I lived in Delhi - quite average.

            Some more ramdom - remember it is a huge city...

            Karol Bagh - try some of the sweetshops for sweets and savouries.

            If you are in South Delhi, go to CR park, the Bengali area for Bengali-style food - also available in the Bengal stall in Dilli Haat.

            Nice South Indian food at Udupis and Sagars all over Delhi - when in doubt or if dodgy tummy stick to those, they are always clean and reliable.

            In Connaught Place, you could go to a place like Kake-da-hotel for nice older style Punjabi eating place.

            S Extension - best chole bature ever at Bengali Sweet House, also samosas, other savouries and sweets.

            Munirka - the Udupi in the market is great - try the North Indian or the South Indian thalis and lassis.

            Haldiram's - in Lajpat Nagar and in Faridabad (suburb) - good veg snacky foods to build up a meal.