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best chinese food in brooklyn

I know people might not necc. think that "best" and "chinese food" go together- but I'm originally from Jersey where nothing beat some good general cho's.

My favorite is Lee's Villa on Lawrence st. right off Fulton Mall. It's a divey large sit down place- I've had everything from chicken with triple nut to kung po chicken - and I don't know why- I just crave the food at this place.

Though not so hot overall- I really like the General Tso's at Red Hot Schezuan in the slope.

anybody else have a favorite?

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  1. sorry- didn't see the other thread- feel free to ignore this post...

    1. You're talking American-Chinese food, right?

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      1. We have found that the food at FORTUNE HOUSE on Henry Street to be very good , especially their Shrimp dishes and their Fried Rice. Everything is fresh and good quality. ANDY'S on Montague Street uses all fresh, no canned ingredients and some of the dishes are nice. LICHEE NUT on Montague Street is also good for some dishes.Their Scallion Pancakes are exceptional, as is the Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Sauce.

        I think that is a starting point... fresh ingredients, nicely prepared.. the other is a matter of what dishes one orders and ones personal taste. It is a good idea to go to a place with a few friends, order multiple dishes and sample to find what is best there.

        Chinese food can be heavenly if made correctly. Unfortunately, Chinese food has gone out of fashion in NY and while there are many adequate Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn, none are outstanding.

        1. I can't say I've done much exploring of chinese restaurants in Brooklyn, but in the Slope, my favorite was Mr. Wonton on 7th Ave (closer to Flatbush end). It's a few steep steps up from any fast food chinese take out. Less greasy and nice to sit down in or order out, and I like that you can get a big serving of veggies other than broccoli and baby corn as a main dish! (bok choy with black mushrooms and choy sum are my favorites). I love the firefighter beef with tofu... has great red chilis if you can do spicey. If not, it's still good as long as you avoid the chilis. :) Also, their shrimp dish is great! Can't remember which, but it's on the chef's part of the menu... salt and pepper shrimp maybe?

          1. If you can travel go out to woodside, queens. There is a huge asian population there. Great chinese and vietmanese as well as thai. I found this by accident after asking the people at sriphaiphai where the thai grocery market was. They pointed me to a huge asian market were they get all there stuff from and they have a parking lot. The market is pretty amazing so, you would think just about everyone will have all fresh produce.

            Back to brooklyn the only place i can suggest is M shanghai in the burg. Amazing steamed pork juicy buns and tea smoked morning glory dish.

            1. Actually, there are no good Chinese restaurants in Woodside (great Thai and Philipino, but no Chinese). The places you're thinking of are down on Broadway in Elmhurst. Lots of fine Chinese there, as well as Vietnamese and Indonesian (on Whitney past the railroad tracks). The really big Chinese neighborhood in Queens is out in Flushing.

              1. If looking for real Chinese food in Brooklyn (rather than the Americanized stuff -- not really quite sure personally why anyone would want that), the obvious places to go are the Chinese neighborhoods around 8th Ave. in Sunset Park and Ave. U in Bensonhurst. There are many recommendations for these places in earlier threads.

                1. I like Empire Kitchen for American style Chinese delivery. Concur on Lichee Nut too.

                  Also, Chance on Smith st. has good food, esp their dim sum.

                  1. There was a huge invasion of Scezchuan and Hunan restaurants in NY during the 70's. Chinese food in general has fallen out of fashion. It has been replaced by the Chinese equivalents of the American "greasy spoon".

                    The same can be said for Indian food as well. There were many upscale restaurants like AKBAR and RAGA that served wonderful food in beautiful settings, very much like in India. They are long gone and have been replaced working class type food which has none if the refinements or culinary accuracy. The one exception might by DAWAT owned by Indian acress and cooking expert Madhur Jaffrey.

                    Both Indian and Chinese cuisine can be refined, elegant, complex and sophisticated; on a level with French and Italian. It is called Palace Cuisine.

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                      I think you're VERY out of touch re: Indian food in New York. Actually, I was disappointed by a recent meal at Dawat, but Devi was as good as any I've had in the U.S. There's also Chola, Amma, Tamarind, Bombay Talkie and other upscale places I've never been, plus places I have been like Utsav, Bay Leaf & others that are multi regional. If anything there is more upscale Indian in New York than ever. Cafe Spice, the bistro run by Dawat's owners is maybe better than Dawat, more casual and a bit cheaper.