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Jul 24, 2006 06:57 PM

Good news for Burlington-area diners

Pretty soon there really should be no reason ever to go to Cafe Escadrille again. According to The Boston Business Journal, the Commonwealth Restaurant Group (Mistral, Teatro, Sorellina, The Federalist) plans to open L'Adana, an Italian grill, at 86 Cambridge Street in Burlington early next year.

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  1. Thank goodness! Although I drive by the site at least 2x/day and it doesn't look like they've much of anything for several months.

    1. I heard a Capitol Grill was moving in as well. Any corroboraters out there?

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        Capital Grill will be moving into the new Mall, I believe it's called the Wayside Mall. It's entrance is located across from Papparazzi's near Roche Borthers and Ethan Allen. The Mall is scheduled to open in September, However, I don't think that's the opening date for the Capital Grill.

        L'Adana is being constructed on Cambridge Street and is not part of the new Mall.