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Jul 24, 2006 06:47 PM

Where to Buy Duck Breast

Where can I buy duck breast in a store? I want to buy some good duck breast because my husband loves duck. I know you can buy it on-line but I'd prefer to get it fresh somewhere in the peninsula or south bay.

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  1. Draeger's. You might want to call first, this time of year it might be special-order.

    1. The meat counter at the Portola Drive Mollie Stone's (formerly Tower Market) sometimes has it. But usually I order ducks and duck parts from Sonoma Poultry Co.

      and they deliver; there's a shipping charge, so I order a bunch, like 16 leg-thighs, 5 lbs. of duck fat (for confit), a couple of pounds of gizzards for stock etc. Jim Reichert is a nice guy and there's something very appealing about answering the doorbell to find the Duck Truck (as I now think of it) has arrived.

      1. I've been able to get them at the Andronico's on Irving by Funston.

        1. Whole Foods, the one on the corner of Franklin & California.

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