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Where to Buy Duck Breast

Where can I buy duck breast in a store? I want to buy some good duck breast because my husband loves duck. I know you can buy it on-line but I'd prefer to get it fresh somewhere in the peninsula or south bay.

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  1. Draeger's. You might want to call first, this time of year it might be special-order.


    1. The meat counter at the Portola Drive Mollie Stone's (formerly Tower Market) sometimes has it. But usually I order ducks and duck parts from Sonoma Poultry Co.


      and they deliver; there's a shipping charge, so I order a bunch, like 16 leg-thighs, 5 lbs. of duck fat (for confit), a couple of pounds of gizzards for stock etc. Jim Reichert is a nice guy and there's something very appealing about answering the doorbell to find the Duck Truck (as I now think of it) has arrived.

      1. I've been able to get them at the Andronico's on Irving by Funston.

        1. Whole Foods, the one on the corner of Franklin & California.

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            1. Have you tried Crystal Springs Fish & Poultry in San Mateo?

              1. The Village Market on Broadway Terrace in Oakland.

                1. I noticed that some Costcos are carrying fresh duck in the poultry case...about $1.75 lb, I recall. If you want to accumulate a lot of fat for confit of wings and legs, good cheap way to aquire duck breast. By the way, I usually buy a batch from Sonoma poultry, cook, and shrink wrap with Food Saver. Keeps refrigerated for about a month...no loss of flavor or texture. Duck freezes well.

                  1. Do you remember which Costcos you saw this at? All the costcos I've been don't seem to have any. What section should I look in?

                    1. Golden Gate Meat at the Ferry Building has duck breasts. They usually have two different kinds.

                      1. Bi-Rite on 18th St had duck breasts in their raw deli case a couple days ago, but I do not believe these are a standard item -- I'm in there at least 3 times a week and
                        don't recall seeing these regularly.

                        1. I saw them at Costco Novato, in the poultry section. While I get duck from Sonoma poultry, I thought the price was right for fresh duck, if you don't mind the work involved. Not long ago I priced duck breasts at various markets in Marin, and was shocked at the prices. If you get 2 breats and two legs from a $8.00 duck, you are doing OK.