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Jul 24, 2006 06:39 PM

La Marais, non-kosher eater in kosher restaurant, seeking non-kosher perspective

Long title, I know. But i am looking for a non-kosher eaters recommendation for La Marais--kosher french bistro in midtown. (thus, i am posting on this board and not kosher board).

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  1. It was fine. I had a perfectly fine steak when I was there (and I recall, I was able to order it medium rare). I should mention, my visit was several years ago.

    1. Go with the tourneados "le marais". Not as good as non-kosher meat but totally acceptable. Stay away from the rib-eye - its a real thin cut. Fries are also good.

      1. I do keep kosher and have taken many a non-kosher diner there and they have all enjoyedd the food - my personal favorites are the Buffalo rib eye - it does tend to be a bit thicker as well as the veal chops - and I agree about the fries -

        1. I definitely prefer the overall experience at Le Marais to any of the other kosher restaurants around, including Prime Grill. As a non-meat-eater, it's the only one where I've gotten a decent piece of fish.