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Jul 24, 2006 06:37 PM

Something Different at Le Marais

Going to Le Marais for the 10000'th time, and I am looking for something different. I've had every steak imaginable (consistently good), I really enjoy their lamb shank (many seem to disagree, apparently), and of course order sweet breads when available. Any recommendations for something on menu i am constantly overlooking? Last time I was there I seem to recall a merguez sausage, which was excellent, is that standard fair, or a special?

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  1. Iam assuming you have tried the Bison Ribeye - is not that is one of my favorites - I have also recommend the veal empanadas, veal and duck spread and the the duck confit salad

    I checked their on line menu and it looks lik ethe merguez is standard fair

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