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Jul 24, 2006 06:01 PM

Can you name 3 things you like about Starbucks?

I know Starbucks gets bashed alot on these boards, but if we can put aside the collective animosity towards this place for a moment, anyone care to list their Top 3 favorite attributes of Starbucks?

I'll start:

1. Great service, incl. grinding my non-Starbucks coffee beans.

2. Good selection of tchotchkes for those last minute gifts.

3. Free air-conditionining (if you were like me stuck in SoCal where it was a "cool" 95 F on Saturday night at 10 pm, you'll know what I mean ...)

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  1. 1. They're everywhere and the coffee is consistent.
    2. They have wi-fi, at least the ones I've been into.
    3. They have good employee benefits.

    As you can probably tell I'm not a great fan of their coffee.

    1. I'll offer one:

      1. Clean bathrooms.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Well, the last one I went into (at the Prunedale Shopping Center) wasn't that clean...but yes, at least there are bathrooms!

      2. 1. Clean bathrooms that usually work
        2. Generally nice service
        3. Good A/C

        1. 1. Iced lattes, preferably skim milk - I'm sorry to the nay sayers but while I dislike their regular iced coffee, I think the iced lattes come out really yummy, good espresso/milk ratios, or good espresso for icing, I don't know what it is - just my taste I guess.

          2. I do enjoy the shaken iced tea lemonade - the passion one, but without sugar.

          3. Unusually good service nearly all of the time.

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          1. re: sivyaleah

            I agree! The iced lattes are better- but I prefer them made with 2%. They do usually have excellent employees. Is it from all the caffeine? Or what? They are soooo friendly and happy. Sometimes my barista sings to me! I also love the music they play and have available.

          2. 1. the chai lattes, made with soy milk. i'm addicted. i've tried the versions at all of my local non-chain coffee places, but they're just not the same. they all seem to be made with a mix that's either too sweet or too bland.

            2. the service. the employees at the one near my office do an amazing job during the morning rush of moving people through in an efficient yet friendly manner.

            3. they sell records. a lot of records. i'm in the music business and we need all the help we can get.

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            1. re: cookie monster

              i agree about the chai lattes with soy milk-every other coffee place just doesnt get the combination right! maybe it's the kind of soy milk they use, or maybe it's the chai base...whatever it is, starbucks is the only place that's got the right formula!

              1. re: Jess321

                I also think they have the best soy chai lattes. They use Tazo chai mix and Silk vanilla soy and it's the best. I've sampled chai lattes at many others and they just don't compare. Seattle's Best uses the same ingredients, but they just don't taste as good. It must be the milk to chai ratio. The green tea soy lattes at Starbucks are also very good, especially the iced version.