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Jul 24, 2006 05:59 PM

Picante! The Real Taco Goes Gunning for Anita's

There is a breakfast burrito brou-ha-ha brewing in Chantilly.

Anita's, at 50 and Walney Rd., sells hundreds of their $0.99 breakfast burritos every day. They are a great deal.

About a mile west, Picante! The Real Taco a month ago opened a little outlet called Picante! Burrito Express, which offers 8 kinds of burritos (two chicken, a beef, a pork, a pork rind, two veggie, and tongue) for $1.95. We tried them last week and they are a very good deal. Two made a perfect lunch. I checked the hours and they opened at 11 on weekdays. So no breakfast burritos.

Yesterday I drove by and saw a sign on the Picante! truck that said "Breakfast Burritos 99 Cents! M-F 7-10" Didn't take them long to wander over to Anita's, try one of their breakfast burritos, and decide that they could do the same thing. I will try some tomorrow and report back.

Maybe a breakfast burrito price war is in the offing?

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  1. I just noticed the new Picante burrito store over the weekend! Can't wait to try it. Please do report back on the breakfast burrito.

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    1. re: Meg

      I tried the breakfast burritos this morning. Different from Anita's. For $0.99 you get eggs and beans. You can add a meat (chorizo, bacon, or country sausage) for $0.99, and a vegetable (spinach, mushroom, poblanos, potatos) for $0.75.

      I got one with chorizo and one with spinach. Pretty tasty. Not quite the bargain the Anita's breakfast burritos are, but certainly worth the money.

    2. Bob (or anyone else),

      Could you give me your opinion on Picante? Thanks. :)

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      1. re: anni

        picante (the full service restaurant) is excellent. very authentic and not your run of the mill "mexican" menu. worth a drive.

        1. re: Meg

          Thanks Meg. I will definitely try it then.