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Santa Rosa Seafood

On Sunday I stopped by Santa Rosa Seafood's booth at the Windsor Farmers Market. I got a beautiful piece of wild salmon (from Garibaldi, Oregon). The owner was being very generous with samples of smoked fish --- salmon, Idaho trout, albacore. I tried both the trout and the salmon. While the cure on the trout was a bit too sweet for me, the smoked salmon totally rocked. He explained that he uses just a bit of cane sugar and salt, nothing else. The texture of the salmon was so smooth and succulent yet had some "cooked", flaky character to it with a brown crusting. I asked what process he used, since this was neither a cold nor hot smoke and seemed in between. He laughed and said that he invented his own term, "smoasting", meaning that he starts off at hot temperature but for only a short time.

Santa Rosa Seafood
Featuring Smoked Seafood & Live and Fresh Fish
946 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa
Email: sfcraber@yahoo.com
Year round -
Santa Rosa farmers market, Wednesday & Saturday
San Rafael farmer market, Sunday
Seasonal -
Windsor, Sunday & Thursday
St. Helena, Friday

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  1. Thanks for the tip and the other sources. I love salmon and will probably trot over to the Sunday market at San Rafael to get a taste.

    What's the Windsor market like? Never been.

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      He said he has two boats waiting in Bodega Bay for the start of local salmon. I think I'll hold off buying more fresh salmon until then.

      This was my first visit this season. Due to the heat wave, I imagine a number of vendors stayed home. I'll be posting more about it. Here's my post from a couple years ago.

      Windsor postings (Chez Felice and Bagley's are no more) -


    2. Is this the same vendor in the unmarked building near Petaluma Hill Road and near the Asian market?

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        Sorry, don't know about that.

        I saw them at the Saturday market at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, and they do have much more to choose from, including shellfish and whole fish. Gorgeous local rock fish,, real snapper, and mroe. The 'dabs were ultrafirm with a pristinely fresh scent - here's a photo.


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          Yes, it is the same vendor. Next to the Asian market at 946 Santa Rosa Ave. where it meets Petaluma Hill.

        2. These people operate a fantastic business, at least at the Sunday San Rafael farmers market. They cook things like oysters and shrimp skewers to order to eat right there. Tremendous smoked salmon and fresh fish and seafood. They really know what they are doing.

          I bought three dozen oysters of three different types there last weekend and we ate half raw and half barbecued. I don't know why their oysters would be any different from any other provider, but they were the best oysters I have ever had, and I've had a lot.

          1. **INCORRECT PHONE NUMBER for Santa Rosa Seafood**

            Santa Rosa Seafood
            Please call (707)-280-2285. (The phone number in previous post is incorrect).

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              Thanks for making that change, Steph.

              Here's the Places link:

              Santa Rosa Seafood
              946 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

            2. "we now have a new retail store next to our kitchen @ 946 santa rosa av. the hours are 11 to 6 closed on sunday"
              I just shopped there--- It looked like they were putting in tables and chairs, but I neglected to ask about it-- so somebody ask them what their plans are!

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                  dont know about the tables and chairs but the owner told me that the asian market aroun the corner usually have take out style food on w'ends. Anybody tried that or know anything about it?

                2. Tried the "fresh clam chowder", $12 per quart. It's sold cold from the cooler to reheat at home. I'll say that it's almost on the order of a creamy stew rather than a soup. It is packed with big chunks of fresh, tender clams about the size of a cherrystone cut in half. Firm and waxy potatoes are chunked too. A fine dice of sweet red pepper and thinly shaved leeks add more flavor and color. The base is luxuriously creamy, almost like melted cream cheese, and doesn't seem flour-thickened nor taste of the gums added to some commercial chowders. This is an extraordinarily rich chowder.