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Jul 24, 2006 05:41 PM

Torrance eats

Anyone have recommendations for dinner in Torrance? I usually go to Mitsuwa food court and have the best ramen, but they close too early for my dinner date. Japanese, or something interesting is something we're looking for. Thanks!

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  1. Musha for Izakaya (japanese pub food)
    Komatsu (authentic tempura experience)

    1. Daruma Izakaya, on Western - W side of street, up near Redondo Beach Blvd, in Gardena (a short drive from Torrance)

      1. Yuzu Restaurant
        (310) 533-9898
        1231 Cabrillo Ave
        Torrance, CA 90501

        Great ambiance, wide selection of food. I had the omakase (chef's selection) They try and tinge a little bit of yuzu (hence the name) in all the dishes.