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HELP PLEASE!!! Trip to Atlanta

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I am planning a birthday trip to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend with my boyfriend. We have tickets for the GA Tech vs. Notre Dame football game for Saturday night. We will be arriving early Friday and plan on staying in the midtown area, probably either at the Hotel Indigo or The Georgian Terrace. (And we will have a car)

We are in our late 20s/early 30s and are looking for a fun/trendy night on Friday around midtown. I am thinking early drinks at maybe Bazzaar and then going for a nice (think under $30) dinner before going out for the night. I am up for all kinds of food, but my boyfriend is not very adventurous. I have narrowed it down to the following...please feel free to suggest/comment!!

-MidCity Cuisine
-Two.Urban Licks
-Lobby at Twelve
-The Globe (I really wanna go here, but I don't think he will find much on the menu)

Also, if u have any suggestions on lounges/bars to go around the area that would be great!

Saturday we will probably do some shopping and then lunch at Fado's Irish Pub to catch some early football games.

Sunday I need a suggestion for brunch, before going to the High Museum that day. I have looked at the menu for Table1280 and I already know he will disapprove! Sunday night I was thinking something casual maybe either Baronda or Piebar.

Feel free to comment!! Thanks for all your help, and I will report back! :)

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  1. MidCity Cuisine's chef has recently moved on, the third to do so in the space of a year. Not currently on my list of places that I can recommend.

    One Midtown Kitchen's also in the process of losing its chef (moving to Miami), though it doesn't sound like your boyfriend's interested in anything too adventurous in any case. Two Urban Licks (same owners as One) features a lot of meat, so possibly more suitable for him. Piebar also same owners, and if he's not adventurous he's going to starve at Piebar.

    Taurus (where I've not been, but husband has) probably a better option. I'd also check out Rathbun's, which features a good mix of interesting and not-quite-so-interesting with a cool space and reasonable prices.

    I think The Globe does brunch, so that would be a convenient option for your pre-museum date and will likely offer options that your boyfriend can appreciate. Under no circumstances should you consider Einstein's on Juniper: recent meal there positively repulsive.

    1. Hey thanks Therese for the advice. It is a little difficult to work around his pickiness!! :)

      1. My all time favorite restaurant in ATL is located mid-city. It is "MF Sushi". If you like sushi this place is incredible. Not going to be in the under $30 catagory though. If you go you must get the lobster tempura.

        There is also a great newer restaurant called "Rathbun's" I was there a couple of weeks ago and the food is great. It's a cool menu with lots of different plates in different price catagories. You can even do dinner like a tapas bar and order a bunch appetizers. It is also in mid-city. This place should work with your BF because is a modern american restaurant. Lots of familiar incredients and tastes, with enough differnt stuff to keep it interesting.

        Two Urban Licks is great. If you go make sure to order the salmon chips app. Little potatoe chips with Salmon tartar. Also the bbq shrimp main course is really good.

        Have fun and good luck.

        1. Therese's recommendations above are spot on. Aside from ethnic foods boyfriend doesn't sound like he'd touch, you'll probably find that all but the edgiest restaurants in Atlanta will have something (basic steak or some such) on their menu in acknowledgement that this city is still finding it's chowish identity and in any modest group there's likely to be at least one plain-white-bread kind of customer to be satisfied.

          Two nightclubs, either of which is worthy of a visit for some hip in-town vibe: The Compound http://www.compoundatl.com/ is in what is sometimes called Midtown West, about a mile Northwest of the Ga Tech campus. Too far to walk, but an inexpensive cab ride. Closer to the hotels you mention, Halo Lounge http://www.halolounge.com/ is also very cool.

          Also obligated to mention that just North of the Tech campus (14th St at State) is a tiny run down grocery store called Kool Korner that serves the best cuban sandwich this side of Cuba (or so says my boss who grew up in Havana). Only open 10a-3p, so from your schedule, it probably just leaves Friday as a possibility but for less than $5, you will have dreams about this sandwich for months afterwards. The proprieter, Mr Ramarez has been talking a lot about retiring lately, so you may never get a second chance. If boyfriend doesn't like it, you'll be glad to eat his sandwich too! You can walk a block down to Atlantic Station afterwards and find him a burger if need be.

          Incidentally, you may need to re-think Bazzar for pre-dinner drinks. They are really more of a later in the evening kind of place (admittedly, I'm not much of a fan of them even then). The bar at The Globe, or Ecco http://www.ecco-atlanta.com/ would be more fun. ENJOY!

          1. Has anyone tried Spice Restaurant since the new chef came in?? I looked at the website and the menu was not updated. Just wanted to see if this was possibly in the direction I was looking for.

            1. Spice should be called SALT. I went last wkend for a birthday dinner with with my boyfriend and it was horribly, horribly disappointing. The menu looks decently interesting and tasty, but everything was really underpar.

              I am a bread junkie, and this was the first time I didn't even touch the bread after the first taste--kind of a cross between cardboard and baking soda. We started with calamari, which was totally soggy and served with a sauce that was essentially diced tomatoes in vinegar. I had the rib eye with creamed spinach, ordered medium. It came out barely rare. My boyfriend had salmon, and what came out was about 1/5 the expected portion. And everything was sooooo oversalted! But what was especially weird was that it seemed as if someone just threw in a handful of salt right at the very end, i.e. it wasn't even evenly over-salted. You would just get a surprise bite of salt every other bite =(

              1. rathbun's is awesome for dinner ! then compound halo or piebar for afer dinner! have fun-

                1. I would skip Rathbun's, MidCity and One Midtown. All have gone a bit downhill for various reasons. I vote Restaurant Eugene and Floataway Cafe if you want a great meal.

                  1. Not that it would be that close for you pre-museum brunch, but I can say one of the best Sunday brunches I've ever had is at the 57th Fighter Squadron Restaurant adjacent to Peachtree DeKalb Airport. It's a little pricey but includes your champagne or mimosa's with your dinner. The food is fantastic and it's kind of nice to sit outside if you want and watch the planes take off. The interior is definitely a treat, kind of a WWII hanger type place it's kind of cute. If you are willing to go to Virginia Highlands area Fontaines has great food, kind of Cajun/New Orleans style food, the fried shrimp are wonderful and the oysters cold and fresh. Also for Sunday brunch you could try Park Tavern at Piedmont Park, their food is great and you can get good sandwiches if you don't want the brunch. Their Grouper sandwich was great last time I was there.

                    1. All of the recs sound good. I just tried Two Urban Licks myself. The appetizers were great but the entrees were too heavy and lacking in taste, so stick with the starters.

                      As for Sunday brunch, you can't beat Metro Fresh in Midtown on Monroe. It is amazing and has something for everyone. For the most part, all of the seating is outside and it gets very crowded. Also, for a more traditional breakfast/brunch experience, Thumbs Up on Edgewood is really great. Plan to wait...and to see lots of hip hop celebrities.


                      1. Went to Piebar recently - hip vibe - got an antipasto platter and pizza - was good, but if you want better pizza go to Fritti - it is more about the food - i think pie bar is more about the scene

                        1. I ditto Rathbun's. Personally, I don't like Piebar. Vibe is nice but food has disappointed. Try the Pizza at Osteria in Virginia Highlands-have pasta and salad as well Fritti is good though more expensive. Check out Ecco. Don't count Globe out-menu allows for inexpensive dinner if you order carefully. MF is great but very expensive for dinner but lunch menu a bargain. Not a brunch person so can't help there.