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Jul 24, 2006 05:19 PM

Restaurant near Wexford/Cranberry/Mars

My mother and sis are coming into town and looking for a decent place to go out to eat in the area. I am not very familiar with the North Hills as I live in the East End. However, my girlfriend went out to dinner at a place in Mars that she had nothing but great things to say about, but can't recall the name. Any ideas on the name of this place or other recommendations would be a great help. Thanks.

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  1. If it was not a chain and was a little unusual with very good food, check SiBa web site. It is located on rt 228 east of I-79. They show a restaurant an more of a lunch bar down around back. We've been pleased with the place.

    1. She was probably talking about the Springfield Grille...located on 228, it's run by a restaurant group that has several different establishments close to Grove City. Very good food. Make reservations to be on the safe side.

      1. It was Springfield Grille and we ate there on Tuesday night. I made reservations. Food was pretty good. The same group owns Rachel's Roadhouse outside of Grove City, which is another good place to grab a bite to eat. Short drive from the outlets, but much better than the chains/fast food places.

        1. I remember getting drunk on their turtle soup - otherwise, the food was just OK. The soup would have been very good had I just put a little of the bourbon (or whiskey, rye?) in the soup and saved the rest as a shot - the alcohol didn't burn off fast enough and it was very unappealing.

          1. I agree with Lambretta76. The food was ok, but I gotta say, the meal at Del's in Bloomfield the night before was much better (and much cheaper due to the 20% coupon on their website). First time actually to Del's but will return religously.