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Jul 24, 2006 05:13 PM

Question about 2 restaurants: JOE'S (Venice) and CARLOS GARDITEL (WeHo)

Hey All,

I'm planning to go to these two restaurants and wanted to know the following:

1) Best fish dish at JOE'S?

2) Best steak at CARLOS GARDITEL (Argentinian place on Melrose)?

I LOVE steak, but a huge portion would probably be wasted on me. I like tender, juicy, flavorful meat, but not HUGE.

Also regarding fish, I like to try stuff I haven't had before. So no Salmon, etc.


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  1. I have had both the 14oz rib eye, as well as the lomo filet of beef items at Carlito's Gardel, and I enjoyed both of them. I am not particularly a fan of NY's, so those generally get eliminated from the discussion early on.
    They also have many items such as lamb dishes and seafood dishes that are quite tasty, depending on your likes and dislikes. Check the menu linked here if you have not looked at it yet.

    As to Joe's, go with what you like to eat - it is truly one of the best and most consistent restaurants in LA, and has been so for many years. Try to avoid going on the weekend if you can, as it gets too crazy for me, meaning the staff can better concentrate on everything needed to make your evening the best they can.

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      i was at joe's on friday night and had another great meal - but fyi,the on-line menu is not current. my friend had a salmon dish that she adored - i don't eat fish so i didn't taste it. i had the beef, which was fantastic, and too much for me to finish, as always. we shared two salads, one with figs and cheese and another with several kinds of beans and pistachio nuts, and they were both perfect for a warm summer night on the patio. we had a dessert that had some sort of cutesy name but was quite good for sharing - it was a selection of re-imagined childhood favorites like a mini rootbeer float, rice krispie squares, etc.

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        I second the rec for the Filet Mignon Medallions at Carlito's Gardel (Lomo al a Marsala). You can always take one of them home if you can't finish, but it's so good, you'll want to eat it there. Haven't had their empanadas, but those Papas Fritas are great.

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          CARLITOS GARDEL is one of my standbys: A solid chop house that is as authentically Argentinian in a way that GAUCHO GRILL is not. My personal favorite is the Ojo de Costilla a la Criolla -- a tender rib eye bathed in their dynamite chimichurri -- fabulouso! Regardless of what you order for your main course, by all means, pair it with the Papas Fritas Provenzal which has to be the greatest garlic fries I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The two paired up equates to enough garlic to actually lower your cholesterol points.

          1. re: Kris P Pata

            Carlitos Garden should be renamed The Stinking Rose instead of that imposter elsewhere in town, as the place reeks of garlic from the moment you walk into the place, and those papas fritas provenzal are truly addicting, in a most Zankou-like way.
            Think it is time to make reservations, and get ready to drink yet another Malbec, even in this weather.

        2. Hard to say what the BEST fish dish is at Joe's as it will change depending on the season, the market, etc.

          Check the current menu on-line ( and ask your server what the special is for the day (it usually will include one seafood dish, though not necessarily a fish dish).

          1. Carter,

            Thanks for the swift reply and advice! I'm looking forward to trying the empanadas at Carlos Garditel too, as I have not had a decent empanada since I've been to Spain a few years ago!!

            Have to say, I'm not a lamb fan. At Carlos Garditel, did you have the chimichurri sauce with your meat?


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              1. re: Liquid Sky

                Yes, and it is realllly good. I got more on the side during the meal.

              2. Hi cookiemonster,

                Joe's sounds fab! I will probably follow carter's advice and avoid the weekends. I tend to like calmer nights out.


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                  yes, it can be a little loud and crazy on weekends. we had a longer than average wait between the appetizers and mains but didn't mind since we had a lot of chatting to do; other than that the service was fine. hope you enjoy it. btw, you may also want to try joe's for lunch or brunch - food is really good, and very reasonably priced for what you get.

                2. There is a dish that I think is always on Joe's menu, that I ALWAYS get. It's an appetizer, but enough for a main's seared ahi with Foie gras, and it's AMAZING. Rich with a steak-like preparation, but it's fish...that's the best one, or it wouldnt have stuck around for years...