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Jul 24, 2006 04:53 PM

Dinner in New Smyrna for under $100

Hey guys,

I need a place to eat dinner in New Smyrna or thereabouts (but not Port Orange) where two people can eat apps, entrees and dessert for $100, including tip but not including alcohol. And NOT the Grille at Riverview.

Any cuisine is fine. We especially like Italian, sushi, steak. We don't like Indian or Vietnamese.

Thanks in advance! :-)

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  1. Try Stella's at the Skyline at the NSB airport on A1A or the Spanish River Grill.

      1. Try The Garlic for great Italian, good wines and wonderful atmosphere. You can do this for under $100.

        1. Try PJs. It's the same owners as The Garlic and I think it is the superior of the two. The fish tank is really unique in there too.

          1. If you like Steak, try Gilliey's Pub44 on hwy44. They have a steak i really like called the sizzlin ribeye. They grill the steak and then set it on a hot metal plate and pour a bit of marinade over the top so it comes to your table sizzlin. An onion ring usually tops the steak. I take the onion ring and put it underneath the staek to keep the steak from over cooking on the hot platter. The cut of meat has alot to be desired so I would suggest ordering a better cut and have them serve it sizzlin style. their website is