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Jul 24, 2006 04:52 PM

Dinner for 10

I'm looking for a place to do a Saturday night dinner for 10 people, 6-8 adults and two 14-year olds. I'm looking for something with reasonably large portions to satisfy the growing boys, that provides the out-of-towners some type of SF experience, but will also satisfy the chowhounders among us. Ideally this place would be located such that the parents could put the kids in a cab back to a Union Square hotel, and the adults could stay out for cocktails.

I'm thinking 2223 Market would be a good balance, because they handle large groups fairly well. Any other great ideas?

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  1. I like for big group dinners: Buca Di Beppo. Lively place, huge portions, ok food for a chain. Seems some chowhounds don't like. I hope you can try it and report back.

    1. You might want to look at Pena Pachamama, in North Beach (Grant and Green). It's a Bolivian restaurant/music club, with world music, dancing, etc., and pretty solid food. Big servings, meat-and-potatoes Bolivian fare, and plenty for the kids to look at.

      It does get loud with the music, though, so if you're looking for quiet conversation, not the place.

      1. Where are the visitors from? I took a friend to House of Prime Rib once (he was craving slabs of red meat) and he talked about the 'old-school san francisco feel' of it for days afterwards. Definitely would satisfy the appetites of the younger crowd, and they make my favorite martini in the city.
        10 is the number they can do comfortably, so you just made it if that is something that appeals.
        Otherwise, what type of SF experience are you looking for?
        The $40 prix fixe for groups at Aziza might be good - I know it is moroccan food, but I almost feel like it is one of the best examples of California cuisine (not sure how to explain that). They can usually handle a large group and the cocktails there would make it unnecessary to go anywhere else for drinks. And no matter how much I want to, I can never fit more than half my entree and a bite of dessert in with one of thier menus so I am sure the portions would satisfy. However, on the downside, it is a much longer cab ride to union square than HOPR.

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          Yes, please...Aziza. Anything other than Buca di Beppo.

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            good suggestion. i was at aziza last week and between 3 of us (two of whom were hungry 20-something guys), we had 1 app (medit spreads), 3 entrees (prawn tangine, basteeya, chicken croquettes), and one dessert (watermelon sorbet), and were totally stuffed. everything was delicious.

            if your visitors are from somewhere without good chinese, i'd suggest that. golden river (or ton kiang if they are less adventuresome) would be a good choice, and not too hard to send the kids back in a cab.

            zuni? slanted door? bodega bistro?

            i wouldn't send anyone to buca di beppo.

          2. I agree with the chinese suggestion. Louie's California Chinese Cuisine in Chinatown has some really nice side rooms for a group, prices are reasonable so you could get lots of food for the boys, they have a full bar, it is very close to get the boys 'home' to Union Square, and the food is good, plus it meets your SF experience criteria. Afterwards the adults could walk over to Kan's on Grant for a drink or two in their very cool bar, then from there to North Beach.....Aziza is also a great idea but will be a lot more pricey, so depends on how much you can spend.

            Another possible option, comparable to Aziza in price, would be the Center table at Piperade. Just about perfect size for a group of ten, and the food is hearty for growing boys...