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Jul 24, 2006 04:51 PM

Philly BYOB Suitable For a Party of 13?

Hi everyone!
You guys have gotten me out of a few binds in the past, so I wanted to see if you could help again. I have been to many of the city's BYOBs and was wondering which ones you feel would be most appropriate for a party of 13. For instance, we love Chloe, but their no reservations policy makes it a no go. Likewise, we like Pif, but feel that the space would be too small and loud for this size of group. We are considering Django, but are we would love some suggestions. We are especially interested in BYOs around the Center City, Old City, and Rittenhouse areas.
Thanks everyone!

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  1. I think it would be very difficult to fit a party of 13 into Django. It's about the size of Pif.

    Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank right now -- most of the byos I go to are teeny.

    1. matyson could probably handle a 13 top pretty easily, i think. also, maybe mandolin in old city, i have seen them do a wonderful job with small parties before. they might be convinced to give you the whole place! i had an awesome meal at "a full plate" cafe in lierties walk the other day, i'm sure they could accomodate you (they don't seem that busy, in general) and you could meet up for sangria before or after at ferdinand? good luck...

      1. We ate with a party of 14 at Branzino, 17th N. of Spruce, and it was excellent. It was in the upstairs/back room, and the food was delicious.

        If you wanted to go into South Philly, Tre Scalini has an upstairs room that would be fine. We have seen large parties there.

        You could inquire at August, 13th & Wharton, one of our favorites. Cash only. It's small, but I have seen large parties.

        All of these are BYOB, all really good food. All take reservations.

        1. EFFIES!!!! Handles me and my 15 fraternity brothers all of the time. PS - Greek Food

          1. I think Ava could handle your party. I have been there with a large party and size was no problem. The food is great and the service handled our party with no problem.