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Jul 24, 2006 04:40 PM

Rec For Restaurant Week - August 2006 (Dinners thru Labor day)

ISO a rec for one of the following dinners for Restaurant Week (extending thru labor Day). We will be in the city in August and are looking for great value and a wonderful meal. We only have one night available:

Carlye Restaurant
Duane Park Cafe
En Japanese Bistro
Tribeca Grill


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  1. Of the restaurants you list, we've only been to Compass, and the last time was in the spring of last year. At that time, we thought the food being offered by Chef John Fraser, who was fairly new at that time, was delicious. You can see the RW menu on their website and determine if it appeals to you.

    We've always liked the restaurant, which is large -- main dining room on two levels, lounge area, and a couple of private spaces -- and has attractive contemporary decor. For a more cozy feel, we always ask to be seated in one of the very comfortable booths.

    1. I believe that any of those restaurants will be lovely as long as you are with the right person. I would tru Jojo Cinto's place as well.

      1. I was just at EN for their restaurant week menu and enjoyed it very much. The first course was something I'd never had before - kind of a cucumber puree in a shot glass with crab and caviar along with a boiled tomato in some sort of fish juice. The second course was an assortment of sashimi - very fresh. The entree was a choice of kobe beef or tuna - I tried both and couldn't decide which I liked better as both melted in my mouth! Dessert was simple - green tea ice cream - but still delicious. Overall I tend to frown on restaurant week as I think the menus end up being sub par, however, EN was a great experience!

        One caviat - we ordered a $25 bottle of sake and they brought us an $80 bottle, which we didn't find out until the check was delivered. I was bummed, but so full and satisfied that I didn't complain.

        I've also been to Tribeca Grill for restaurant week (some time last year) and found the food to be tasty, but not as good as EN.

        1. jojo is great...the slow-baked salmon is amazing.

          i would also recommend august for dinner during restaurant week. besides the gorgeous atmosphere and beautiful terrarium-like garden out back, the food was very interesting and delicious. it was mediterranean-greek-italian inspired, and everything was perfect.