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Jul 24, 2006 04:39 PM

Apricot alert

Just hit paydirt at the Central Square farmer's market -- fresh local apricots, which appear maybe 2-3 weeks out of the year. They were from Keown's Orchards, who also have stands at other markets in the area, so today may not be the only day to get them. But every year I get some and plan on getting more the next week, only to find that the season is over. So after getting 5 pints (for preserves), I thought I'd alert the other hounds in case anyone else is as obsessed as I am. (my only nagging thought is: do I need another 5 pints?)

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  1. We have been eating Keown's apricots for two weeks now. They are just wonderful. I also bought some peaches on Friday. This farm also participates in the Copley Square Market on Tuesday and the City Hall Market on Wednesday. So you have two more shots at getting some this week.

    Keown also has lovely honey.

    1. I got mine at Copley today. This week may be the last of them so run soon if you want them.

      1. Based on the original post, I picked up a pint from Keown during the Wed Farmer's Market by South Station last week -- what a disappointment!!

        I was smelling them and noting they were quite hard and small without much aroma, but the staff assumed me they just needed to "sit out and ripen for a couple of days". This did not help -- they stayed hard and flavorless and eventually started to soften and rot.

        We also noted their fresh-picked corn was indeed fresh but had far less flavor than the ears we picked up recently at both Russo's and Arena Farms.

        The zucchini was unremarkable as well.

        I don't plan to stop back by their stand anytime again soon. Sad as it's so convenient, looks great, and the staff is friendly.