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Jul 24, 2006 04:37 PM

Beets, beets, beets

Hi all,
I just harvested a few (like 4 lbs.) of red beets. I'm thinking about Borscht, chlodnik, I remember having beets in India, really good, any ideas ??? Do you have any recipes? Thank you all.

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  1. The addition of acid makes beets takes ulta delish.Lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, vinegar of any kind. I eat cold beets with any of these daily in the summer.The addition of a not too salty feta (French feta) takes these salads to a new level.Bake the beets wrapped individually in foil in a 425 oven till soft.Cool, peel and add other ingreds.The baked beets keep well in the fridge for a week.

    1. I love beets. In Greece they simply bake them whole until they are done and then they peel and cut them up until 1 inch pieces and just drizzle with the best olive oil and a touch of red vinegar, salt and pepper...very simple but you really get to taste the beets.

      For something more upscale here is a recipe from Epicurious for BEET AND GOAT CHEESE SALAD WITH calls for some red and some yellow beets but I've made just with red ones and it is great.

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        as a take on the salad but for a different presentation... i made a goatcheese and beet terrine. by the time you let it settle in the fridge the whole thing turns pink which is really interesting looking.

        i used 3 roasted and thinly sliced beets, 200g of chevre (with cumin, pepper and a touch of cayenne mixed in). one layer of beets to line your container then a thick layer of goatcheese, a beet layer with multiple layers of beets, then cheese again.. it could go on and on. serve over some rocket for some spicy kick. this was good for 6 ppl.

      2. Yogurt flavored with the spice of your choice is great too.

        1. My mom makes a relish with cooked beets, onions olive oil, sugar and vinegar all mashed up in a blender.

          Also, try using raw beets in a blender with orange juice. (run by a strainer)

          1. I've been making Georgian-Style Beet Salad lately. The combo of beets, walnuts, and prunes sounds a bit wierd, but it's acutally very good--

            Roast about 1 lb of beets in a foil packet, then peel and dice them.

            Add a handful of finely ground walnuts, a minced small clove of garlic, 8 or 9 prunes cut in small dice, and enough plain yogurt to lightly coat everything. Season w salt and pepper and serve chilled. Chives are a nice addition, both for color and flavor if you have any around.

            The salad also makes a good sandwich filling, in conjunction w slices of hard boiled egg.