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Jul 24, 2006 04:12 PM

how about cava?

Girls night--we are thinking of Cava. I love the tapas, small plates thing, but is it worth the dough? What will the damage be? We want to try something new, but I like to know someone has gone ahead. I guess in the $50 each category, if anyone has any other suggestions. Recommendations for what to order appreciated. TIA

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  1. I went to Cava about a month ago and LOVED it... For 2 it was around $120 with wine and many dishes... I loved the pasta dish($6 or $7?), , the Quail stuffed with chicken ($7 or $8?), the fries ($3), the popcorn ($3).. misses were the Pork and beans.. I am sure I have missed a few dishes it was a while ago but the prices were reasonable and the portions were a good size (bigger then JK)

    1. Went on on 21st and thought it was very good. A lot of dishes we loved and only a couple we thought were average.

      Damage was about 60/person more if you drink.

      I have pictures on my blog if you want to see it..

      1. I've been twice and really enjoyed it both times. $60 per person including wine. Good value!

        1. Went to Cava on Thursday night with a group of 4, and we were treated like royalty! High class, attentive service, thoughtful presentation of dishes at appropriate intervals, and great food overall. (I hate that at JK and Fressen, food arrives willy-nilly, with no thought to timing or logical order. I mean, what is the point of wine pairings or even eating salad while a hot dish is getting cold?) I paid $55 including tax and tip (no drinks) and left full and happy. My favourites were the 48-hour beef cheeks for $15 (for some reason, the server tried to discourage us from ordering them, which was the only low point to the otherwise impeccable service), the pinchos (open face sandwiches) of yellow tomato, artichoke cream and jamon ($7 for 4 pieces); hand-sliced jamon serrano ($11.50); yellowfin tuna tartare ($14.75) which contains cilantro but is still excellent; and the cazuelita of mexican gulf shrimp ($16).

          Both Churros ($7 for 4 small pieces served with a glass of thin hot chocolate) and crema catalana foam ($8) are disappointing, although the crema (resembling a small pile of whipped cream) comes with a delicious leche frita and raspberries that make up for it. In all fairness, the server did warn us not to order the churros. Croquetas de jamon (2 tiny ones for $10 with a good fresh fig salad) and venison tamal (one piece for $8.75) are both too small for sharing and not really that tasty. The soft veal sweetbreads ($17) come with an extremely bitter salad of radicchio, poblano chile and walnuts which I didn't enjoy.

          I can't wait to go back to Cava!