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Jul 24, 2006 03:59 PM

Wild Sint Maarten Guavaberry Island Folk Liqueur - can it be palatable?

I was given a bottle of this liqueur, and must admit that I don't care for the taste. Is there some way of mixing it with something else that will possibly appeal to me? The only thing I've managed to think of is to try to make some sort of pancake syrup with it.

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  1. You could try it as a kir (with wine or sparkling wine), with orange or grapefruit juice and grenadine, or as a colada with coconut creme. But to tell the truth, it might be a matter of where you're drinking, not what:

    I'd like to live in the streets of San Pedro de Macorís
    I'd like to sing my song in the middle of Malecón
    Drinking my guavaberry, watching the sun go down, oh
    Woman that's all I need, in San Pedro de Macorís!

    --Juan Luis Guerra, "Guavaberry"

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      I tried some of the Guavaberry Liqueur in a kir royale variation. Verdict: drinkable! Not so great that I'm going to rush out and buy another bottle when this one is finally done. But, I'll have it again next time there's some bubbly open.

      EDIT: I see my first post was over a year ago. Still have easily a third of the bottle left. Heh.

    2. Agree with PayOrPlay... you could also use it as a second liqueur in your mixed drinks. Eg. Vodka + guavaberry + club soda, or maybe gin + lime juice + guavaberry?

      Or, you could just admit defeat, and give up. I don't personally have too much use for the stuff, although I gave a few bottles to some girlie-drink fans, and they loved it.

      1. The liquor, as opposed to "Mash Up," their infused rum, is very much an acquired test. Mash Up, which is harder to come by, is more like a sipping rum with a flavor that's almost cinamon like and a syrupy sweetness. it's like a tropical Port in a way (port, the drink, not the location, lol). They say with the liquor it is a traditional christmas time drink to mix it with champagne. Personally, I've never tried that but I've made it in blended tropical drinks with good results. Make a daquiri or a coloda...even a cuba libre and it's not bad.

        1. I've made a good number of trips to St. Marteen, but haven't been back in several years. So, someone thought I would appreciate a bottle of guavaberry liqueur.

          I've never actually had it on the island! Wow, this stuff is soooo sweet. Really absurdly so.

          I made a palatable drink by mixing it 1:1 with fresh lemon juice. You could probably shake it and serve it up, but I just served it in an old-fashioned glass and added a couple rocks.

          I can't imagine using it in any of the already-sweet recipes they provide with the bottle. I could see using it in a modified champagne cocktail, maybe 5:1 wine to liqueur. I would stick to a cheap cava or prosecco.

          1. I received another gift, this time of the 5yr Republic Rum, made by the Guavaberry people.


            I had high hopes for this. Aged Caribbean rums are generally good. Even if guavaberry liqueur is too sweet for my taste, I expected that the base product was crafted with care.

            Nope. This is a way-too-sweet rum (even to someone who occasionally likes Zaya), clearly produced for the cruise ship crowd. And it had hints of, you guessed it, guavaberry. After the first few sips, I squeezed just a dash of lemon in it, but it didn't help much.

            The fact that I could still taste guavaberry makes me wonder if they are sloppy in their production process.

            In summary, if you are on Saint Martin, and want to buy a bottle of rum to bring home, buy Havana Club, which is legal there.

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            1. re: Alcachofa

              My husband was given a bottle of this as well. We haven't been brave enough to open and taste it. I'll take your word for it. Now, what to do with it....