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Jul 24, 2006 03:57 PM

Good, cheap, casual eats near Longwood medical area?

Looking for a place on a Tuesday night, casual, good food, very near to the Longwood medical area (i suppose that could be toward brookline? or fenway?)... to go with parents. Best bets?

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  1. Trattoria Toscano (Italian), Brown Sugar (Thai), Linwood Grill (bbq) - all in Fenway, walking distance from medical area.
    More casual would be Squealing Pig or Mission Grill, both good pubs.

    1. i also heard that Toscano is good, although I'm in the minority in that i don't much care for Brown Sugar.

      There's also the Elephant Walk (cambodian?) and my personal favorite, Audubon Circle. mmmm, pressed sandwiches!!

      1. The Squealing Pig has a suprisingly good menu -- when I was working in the LMA I couldn't get enough of their curry fries! Weekday evenings are a good time to go, as it tends to get crowded on weekends.

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          I also love the Squealing Pig. Try their Toasties (kind of like an Irish grilled cheese, but that description doesn't do them justice). Good selection of beers, too, including Murphy's on tap. And yes, the curry fries are addictive.

          1. re: Bostonbob3

            They are pressed sandwiches. The Cuban is a bit boring.

        2. Trattoria Toscana is a MUST if you appreciate Tuscan cooking. Best pasta in town, in my opinion.

          1. If you want something in quick walking distance, I can add:

            Flann O'Briens (decent burgers and pub fair, quiet at dinner time, selection of beers). It is a block down Tremont from Brigham Circle.

            Penguin Pizza - I liked the pizzas better when they were in another location called Pig's Pizza, but still good. Now that they have seating they also offer pastas and salad though I haven't tried them. It is located right in Brigham Circle across from Mission.

            Bertucci's - I'm not a fan of chains, but this is near Children's hospital.

            Otherwise, Kenmore square isn't a far walk - and there you have Eastern Standard or India Quality.