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Jul 24, 2006 03:48 PM

Royal Seafood Somerville Ave, Somerville

I mentioned a few months back that I noticed that Roma Bakery was turning into Roma Seafood. It looks like tomorrow is the Grand Opening (7/25) and it looked like they would have both fresh and to-go seafood. I didn't get a chance to knock on the door to find out more, but thought I would post the update (I had noticed their putting up american flags last week). Its on the lower part of Somerville Ave near the BK and roughly across from the Target.

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  1. Is that the place with the signs that used to (and maybe still) say "Roma Seafood"?

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      Yup, my bad on the topic header. It used to have the huge retro Roma Bakery sign with "hot bread" in neon and changed for the more modern "Roma Seafood" with the same logo. Its been under renovation forever!

    2. Stopped by yesterday. They're still setting up the grocery/fish market part (Portuguese with a few Brazilian products) but the take-out food seems to be up and running. There's a menu with daily specials like Portuguese Fish Stew as well as a fixed menu of clam shack type stuff like fish and chips, clam plate, shrimp plate, lobster roll etc. I ordered the $10 (whole belly) clam plate and started to pedal it home on my bicycle but had to stop in Union Square to sample it because it smelled so good and I feared the imminent loss of crispiness (at the moment there's nowhere to eat at the shop. Well actually there's a chair by the window you could use I suppose.)
      Got home and examined the offering. A good pint of fried clams of decent size, well fried. A mound of standard issue 3/8 inch thick fries (frozen, I'd say), a half dozen homemade seeming and delicious onion rings, two lemon quarters plus tartar sauce and coleslaw (both fairly standard.) For ten bucks, I'm definitlely going back.
      Talked to the owner. He plans to make a sit-down place in the attached place next door. The idea is kind of casual Summer Shack place with a Portuguese accent. Sounds good to me.

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        Forgot two things. The owner used to have a fish market on Broadway in Winter Hill.

        Also, I forgot to introduce myself. A couple of years ago I was a fairly regular poster with the name "formerly grueldelux" (posting not so much the limsterian review but more the I-hope- still-helpful tidbit along the lines of "hey I noticed people taking down the sign for Panini and replacing it with Toscaninis.) I've only posted a couple of times over the last two years so I figured it was okay to start afresh. Hello to all!