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Jul 24, 2006 03:15 PM

Bibimbop in Midtown?

I work right in Times Square and am fiending for bibimbop right now, but can't spare the time for a run to Koreatown. Any reccomendations for decent Korean in the neighborhood? Or elsewhere, for when the craving hits again?

EDIT: apologies - disregard. I found my answer in some of the older threads.

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  1. What answer did you find?

    I was going to suggest Han Bat until I saw that you couldn't go to Koreatown.

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    1. re: Pan

      There's a couple places I want to try over the week. I've never been to any of them so this will be a bit of an experiment.
      -Korea Palace on 54th, $13 for basic bibimbop isn't too cheap but the rest of the menu looks okay.
      -spoon on E 53rd - allegedly they have brown rice bibimbop. Looks overpriced.

      Unfortunately there's nothing in the immediate area - either have to walk east or west. If I had the time I would get the stone bowl type. Mmmmmmmm!

    2. Actually the Pergola deli on 39th between 6th and 7th has bib bam bop served cold. It's back by the sushi counter and I've had it a couple times, it hits the spot and is about $7.

      1. I've heard Cafe Duke is a good option... looks like one of those typical Midtown deli places from the outside- but supposedly the bi bim bap and bulgogi is pretty good for under $10, especially if you're looking for something quick. It's on 51st between 6th and 7th.

        Midtown Lunch Food Blog:

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        1. re: zGustibus

          That blog is GREAT - thank you for sharing! I was just wondering about that very thing - I think I might go crazy if I have to eat another make-you-own salad.

          Went to Spoons - the amount of food they give you was decent, but it wasn't anything special. I asked for a side of kimchi and they have me a large soup container full of it - enough to last a few years!

        2. it's been over 5 years since my visit to korea palace (similar situation - craving korean in midtown) so things might have changed, but it was on the pricey side and pretty mediocore. although i can't recall specifics it's telling that i went only once.

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          1. re: wleatherette

            I agree with your assessment. Korea Palace was disappointing.
            K-town is really the closest Korean food to Times Square?

            1. re: jeanki

              It looks like it. Are there any places in K-town that have exceptional take-out lunch specials? Worst case scenario I could call ahead and pick it up.

          2. try woorijip (sp?), which has a modest buffet hot & cold dishes that changes daily and a lot of pre-packaged meals and some groceries. it's on 32nd closer to 5th.