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Jul 24, 2006 03:10 PM

my vegetarian friend is moving to Anchorage!

is she going to starve to death?

any recommendations? I was thinking about getting her a gift certificate as a going away present.

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  1. wow, it's a great place for carnivores ...

    Marx Brothers is a fine place overall and usually has a relatively nice selection of veg options.

    Natural Pantry has options and years ago was good (it's been a long time).

    1. Hopefully she eats fish because there are a lot of great local options for seafood.

      1. I thought I'd bump this post since my question is practically identical... My s.o. and I will be attending a conference in Anchorage in October, and will be there about a week. We're both vegetarian -- no fish / seafood. We're sure finding good veg eats will be a challenge, but we're up for it. Even rec's for places that just have a few solid veg options would be welcome. We'll be staying at the Hotel Captain Cook; I've heard there are four restaurants there so I know we'll be able to find something, but any other hints would be greatly appreciated!

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          The places at the Cook are all pretty good for hotel dining and the Crow's Nest can be great, but I wouldn't focus too much on those places.

          A few suggestions: The cafe in the Museum of History and Art that's run by Marx Bros. Cafe actually has more veg stuff than their big place.

          Also Jen's has limited items on the menu, but will alter dishes.

          Not a lot on the menu at Glacier Brewhouse but just about every item is good, including the desserts.

          Orso has some decent options.

          There are also some good Thai places in town.

        2. There's a nice variety of pizzas at the Moose's Tooth in Anchorage, also a nice variety of beer.

          1. Thanks everyone, for your suggestions so far -- much appreciated! Will be leaving this Saturday, so I'm still game for any additional ideas anyone may have.