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Jul 24, 2006 03:08 PM

Looking for authentic Italian Sub in NW Burbs

Hey all,

I've lived in the chicago area my whole like (just moved out of the city 4 years ago) and my quest for an authentic Italian sub has failed me. When i lived in the city, i grew up just 1 block from a place called Aldo's (on grand ave, just west of central) and i truely beleived they had the BEST sub i've ever had. They eventually sold and closed shop about 4 years ago and i have yet to find anything in the same league.

What im looking for is a real sub. A good 8" at least with FRESH french bread, fresh meats layered by hand, and the oil and vineger has to be homemade and make the sandwhich. No chain could ever come close to this.

Is there any place in the NW burbs or even north burbs that could end my quest?

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  1. Try:

    Capri Italian Deli & Bread Co
    1625 N Rand Rd
    Palatine, IL
    (847) 359-9106

    at the corner of Rt. 12 and 68

    I love their subs, and seem authentic to me (although I grew up on the far north side of Chicago and didn't make it to the west side til later in life).

    1. Try:
      Tony's Submarine
      (847) 940-7352
      1480 Waukegan Rd
      Deerfield, IL 60015

      They use real deli meats, quality Gonella bread & cheeses. Sandwiches are sold in 6" 12" and bigger on request, served either toasted or cold, you tell them.