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Jul 24, 2006 02:57 PM

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I have read quite a few recommendations on another board, and I would like to hear your opinions here before I go try a few of them in the coming weeks when friend and family will visit us in Toronto.

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  1. My favourite for this is Echo Sushi on Yonge St, two blocks north of Davisville. It is all you can eat, but it is not buffet, everything is made to order.

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    1. re: shanman99

      Second Echo. Very fresh fish, prompt service, and super-clean.

      1. re: AmandaEd

        And I third Echo. I'm going again this Friday. Both the Spider Roll and the Dragon Roll are very good. Can't wait!

        1. re: Ron M

          Didn't have the same experience at EchoSushi I'm afraid...sushi was pretty bland, no real taste outside of the white tuna served. Rolls were all inside out, which just multiplies the rice...Couldn't get a simple tuna maki to save our lives. Won't return, thought it was a 4 out of 10.

          1. re: Ron M

            Echo is absolutely best for Sushi,Rolls,and cooked items!
            Oh and the service is confident and attentive

            Echo Sushi
            2036 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S1Z9, CA

        2. re: shanman99

          Echo Sushi does not seem to have a website of its own with a menu. Do they serve other items than sushi?

          1. re: lamaranthe

            Yes they do. but it's typical stuff like the pizzas and some udon .etc .etc the place is not bad, menu is pretty big too.

          2. re: shanman99

            100% yes to Echo Sushi. I started going there from a recommendation from @Karmacakedotca on Twitter and I've been going ever since. I wish they had better cuts when it came to the katsu. the spicy scallop brown rice roll is a favorite and so is the beef udon and dynamite and spider rolls so good. GO!

            Echo Sushi
            2036 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S1Z9, CA

          3. I don't mind Sushi Kuni-Ya on Baldwin St. $17.99, I believe.

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              1. re: Tara9000

                What do they serve there? How about weekends? I'm planning a thing for friends and would like to know how service, quality of food, and pricing is for Sushi Kuni-Ya on Baldwin for weekends. Oh, and do they limit your sitting time? Thanks!

              2. Haven't tried the above recommendations.

                Our current default for AYCE Japanese is:
                Maison du Japon, 7500 Woodbine Ave, Woodbine+John
                - I'm a sucker for their spicy baby squid (said octopus before)...just cooked little octopuses in korean spicy sauce. We tend to go with sashimi as we are not crazy about their nigiri. Rolls are decent. It's been awhile since we been to Maison but because we haven't felt the AYCE need.

                It is pretty good we found.

                There have been mixed reviews so I'd do a search on 'maison du japon' and also try 'ayce' too. Lots of choices...might try that Nagoya place.

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                1. re: kerwintoronto

                  I'd definitely second this rec, have gone there for lunch, $11.99, and dinner $19.99. Major difference is sashimi and tuna on the dinner menu. Lots of good places up in Markham and they're just off the 404.
                  A couple others are Yang's Kitchen, on Highway 7 near Main St. in Unionville, they have very good teryaki dishes and sushi and rolls are good. Another is Sushi on 7, on Highway 7 also, close to Kennedy, a smaller place, but you won't leave there hungry, beware if you ask for sashimi, because they will give you a ton to start.

                  1. re: tbone187

                    I would not go to Yang's again. A friend brought me there (I'm from Scarborough, and dont have a car) and I thought "oh wow, somewhere north of Steeles, YAY!" Boy was I disappointed. I think their way of doing business is totally unacceptable! Yes, their food is superb (sashimi was very fresh, stuff from the grill was excellent.. ) but on our second round of ordering, they tell us that its last call? And that they're all out on garden salad? At 8:15pm? I dont think so! They were sooooo kicking us out by getting us to order dessert. And so by the time we ate our dessert, paid the bill, we found out that there was a long lineup at the door. But to tell your client that the garden salad has run out at 8pm? I dont buy that at all.

                    Oh and before that--once we sat down, took our coats off, we were expected to order right away, as 2 staff came by us immediately. Wow. Thats efficient service alright.

                  2. re: kerwintoronto

                    I just went to Masion du Japon this weekend and was disappointed with the quality of sushi. There is a lot of selection, but the surf clam on the nigiri we ordered was ridiculously tiny. They have a reputation for being better with the hot dishes, but overall, they were average. The beef ribs were probably the best, but they were way too fatty.

                    I wouldn't go there again.

                    1. re: foxymoron

                      Where would you go instead?

                      At MDJ, it's all about the salmon sashimi and salmon nigiri for me. Other than that, I like the black dragon roll, eel roll, eggplant tempura, grilled eggplant, and black pepper beef.

                      1. re: kwong

                        It was lunch time, so we couldn't have any sashimi but if we return, I'll try it. Some of MDJ's dishes (like the eel and tofu spring roll) were just downright misguided and left--literally and figuratively--a bad taste in my mouth.

                        If I had to pick an all-you-can-eat sushi place to go to, I'd like to try Wasabi. My parents compared MDJ to it and said Wasabi was much better, although slightly more expensive. That, or Sushi Island. I think SI is overrated and wouldn't wait in line for it, but if I were seated immediately and not pressured to leave before the 1.5 hr time limit expired, I'd return.

                        1. re: foxymoron

                          The items I like at MDJ I like better than at any other AYCE. I don't go there for variety... I know exactly what I want and I keep re-ordering and enjoying those items. Even for lunch, I could literally sit there and eat only salmon nigiri until I was stuffed.

                          I've been to Wasabi before. The items I like aren't as good there, but I'm certain there are plenty of items I don't like that are probably better.

                          1. re: foxymoron

                            We went to Sushi Island for the last time a couple weeks ago. The food was bad, the waitresses were clueless.

                            Our fave is Aji Sai on Queen West. Next is Sushi Baldwin, not a big selection but has some good fish, esp amazing fresh scallops.

                        2. re: foxymoron

                          I agree... MDJ was a big let down.. the white tuna was chewy due to the tendons.. i suspect they cut again rather than with the grain.. however the service there was very friendly.

                          Kaze is pretty good.. with two locations- woodbine and the other in Richmond Hill. They have a pretty nice variety including yellow tail, red tuna, octopus, and grilled calamari sushi on the menu. The specialty rolls were delicious too. Tempura on the other hand was a tad greasy.
                          For dessert, they had sesame as well as coconut ice cream listed too! Unfortunately they mentioned they were out of the former when we tried to order.

                          1. re: sugarcube

                            Hey Sugarcube,

                            I just want to confirm with you that Kaze had tuna and yellowtail on their menu. I have only been able to find tuna at Sushi Fun, but yellowtail can no where to be found on any all you can eat menu out there now after Sushi Time closed. If that is true I will go to Kaze to give it a try, because I have been going to Sushi Fun most of the time now because their foods are quite good and they also offer tuna sushi---last time I went I had about 17 pieces of them. : ) Please advise, thanks! By the way, I am glad to see this thread I started couple years ago is still going strong with information being added regularly by forum members. I am looking forward to hearing more from other members about their new finds and updates pertaining to Japanese all you can eat restaurants.

                            1. re: diehardlasallejai

                              Thanks much for the info diehardlasallejai.
                              Overall, I still recommend Yang's Kitchen (despite the horrid service) in the markham/ richmond hill area
                              I tried maison du japon, syogun, and kaze's richmond hill location. Maison lacked variety and syogun had way too much filler aka rice for their rolls, although service for the latter was quite friendly and efficient on a friday night. kaze was all right, but nothing spectacular.
                              if in the mississauga area I always love to go to Price Sushi. However service isn't the best there-- it's hit and miss, some staff are friendlier than others.

                              1. re: sugarcube

                                Hey Sugarcube,

                                Does Kaze serve both tuna yellowtail???? I think you mentioned that before and I would like to confirm that with you.

                                1. re: diehardlasallejai

                                  Hi Diehardlasallejai,

                                  it's been awhile since I've been there but I believe they do offer tuna and yellowtail as sushi.

                                  1. re: sugarcube

                                    Thanks Sugarcube,

                                    I checked their menu before, and if the menu is updated and correct, then they do not offer tuna and yellowtail for sushi. I guess I shall keep frequenting at Sushi Fun for now since they do offer tuna sushi, which I can chow down 20 pieces each time I go there.

                                    1. re: diehardlasallejai

                                      Oh, that's odd. Their Richmond Hill location offered it.. I'm pretty certain.. If anything, you can call and ask them.

                      2. All you can eat? there is no best.

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                            1. re: TCB

                              I agree, I've been to like MOST of the AYCE sushi. It was great when u were a kid u know 20$?! ALL U CAN THAT EXPENSIVE STUFF?! AWESOME!! but now when u get older u got the money, the stuff taste disgusting. U gotta go to a place that serves authentic Sushi!! there's nothing more delicious then a really slimy feeling piece of salmon rather then the bland, Chinese prepared sashimi. lol.

                            2. Just go to the nearest Mandarin or other open trough Chinese buffet. Nearly all of 'em now offer AYCE "sushi."

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                              1. re: Kagemusha

                                This is a joke right? The worst AYCE japanese place is 100x better than Mandarin or any other Chinese buffet. Mandarin in particular is horrible beyond belief. I haven't been to AYCE in a long while now, Sushi on 7 used to be the best (Hwy 7 between Warden and Kennedy) but not sure how it is now. Most recently I've been to Maison du Japan which is pretty good, but not spectacular.

                                1. re: Kagemusha

                                  AYCE sushi is actually something that you order and they make when you order, it's not a buffet. NOTHING like mandarin etc.

                                  1. re: mainja

                                    This must be a joke. Mandarin Sushi!?!??! I'd rather eat shards of broken glass. They even have a sign that says specifically "Our sushi does not contain any raw fish".

                                    That's like eating fried rice without rice.

                                    1. re: kymah

                                      Yep, my 14-year old daughter freaked out when she saw that. "How can they call it sushi, Dad?!"

                                      1. re: KevinB

                                        If "that" means the "no raw fish" sign, it's actually fine to have sushi without raw fish. Literally, "sushi" means "vinegared rice". The toppings can be anything, although it's usually raw fish.

                                        But if she was referring to the quality and appearance of the stuff at Mandarin, I agree 100%!

                                      2. re: kymah

                                        Yah dude. Mandarin is nasty. And I lived in London where nothing is that great. And Mandarin was still nasty

                                        1. re: silverfyre

                                          OMG sushi at the mandarine is simply dirty!
                                          Sushi D on college was pretty decent.

                                          1. re: DavidoXT

                                            Dirty? Pray tell, whatever do you mean?