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Jul 24, 2006 02:07 PM

DC Hound Needs Flagstaff, AZ Dinner Recommendations???

Will be in Flagstaff later this week and I will have a car. What are your recommendations for high quality dinner options in a casual setting? All cuisines ok. Will likely be dining solo and have two nights to explore dinner options.



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  1. My favorite place is Beaver Street Brewery. They brew thier own beer, (obviously) and have great food. We always get the curry mussels for an appetizer. YUM! and their hamburger has sundried tomatoes and garlic in it.
    Give it a try

    1. Josephine's was very good. It's in a restored Arts and Crafts style house and the menu is quite creative and well-executed.

      1. If you want to go with a true Flagstaff vibe, go to Alpine Pizza(Downtown, on Leroux?), and grab a tomato and garlic pizza. My old roommate is a vegetarian, so this was our standard order. YUM!!


        1. Ironically, we just returned from a weekend in Flag this morning. Beaver Street Brewery was indeed very good. My husband, originally from Chicago, thought the bratwurtz were the best he'd ever eaten - very good platter. I had a white pizza which was thin crust and also very good. Homemade soup was better than average. Large portions, reasonable prices, small wine list with very reasonable markups. No reservation policy is our only complaint.

          We also enjoyed another dinner at Racha Thai, with the exception of the beef in our panang curry - dry as cardboard. The remainder of the meal was, however, very good.

          A gyro at the Pita Pit made for a tasty lunch.

          1. My favorite is Beaver Street Brewery. As well as their soup of the day, they also have a chili of the day. All are very good. They do excellent versions of traditional pub fare, and the setting is usually quite festive.