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Jul 24, 2006 02:05 PM

Props to The Chatterbox Pub-St. Paul

Saturday afternoon my DH and I hit The Chatterbox after a long afternoon of bike riding. Over a game of 'You sank my Battleship', I enjoyed The Chatterbox Pub Burger. It was great. Ciabatta bread, parmesean curry mustard, and bacon.

Their menu is fairly extensive and they seem to put a lot of thought into everthing.

My DH had the 'inferno' burger, and one would assume that would mean it would be hot. (Call me crazy, but if a menu says something is spicy, that could be debatable, but when you use the word inferno, shouldn't that mean something?) In anycase, it was tasty.

If you're looking for a family place, or want to relive some Atari or Nintendo memories, give it a try.

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  1. Thanks for the info - assuming its pretty kid friendly, correct?

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    1. re: St Paul Susie

      Very kid friendly, especially on the restaurant side (vs. the bar side). They have lots of board games available for you to play at your table or at one of the "coffee" tables in the sofa seating area.

      I'm very intrigued by their battered and deep fried pickles. They also batter and fry their sweet potato fries (and green beans, too, I think), so I still prefer the sweet potato fries a la the Highland/Longfellow restaurants. They don't serve Coke or Pepsi but some local generic brand of cola. It's not bad, actually.


    2. I love the deep fried pickles at groveland tap.

      Thanks for the info - we almost went to Chatterbox recently but now we will make the trip!

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      1. re: St Paul Susie

        I've only tried the fried pickles at Chatterbox Pub because they automatically come on the side of sandwich orders. :) Otherwise, I've never had them anywhere. I've seen them on the menu Groveland Tap: next time, I'll have to try them.

        My favorites at Groveland tap are the Cajun Lucy (jalapeno pepper stuff burger) and the Portabella Mushroom sandwich, though, I confess, haven't tried the whole menu.

        (Another sibling to Highland, Longfellow and Edina Grills by the way.


        Let us know what you think of Chatterbox! The sandwiches there are hearty and they have many combinations, some of which are pretty creative for pub sandwiches. I don't think it beats out my favorite haunts, but it's a nice change of pace and certainly a fun venue.

        800 S. Cleveland Av. (at Ford Pkwy) St. Paul. 651-699-1154.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I've been to the Minneapolis original Chatterbox a few times. First couple of times were for weekend brunch buffet, which I really enjoyed. However, at supper time I have found the sandwiches and burgers to be overly salty. I'll be sure to try the new Chatterbox, though. Turning a Perkins into a non-chain place is something I'd like to see more of.

          Here's a Strib story on the new St. Paul Chatterbox:

          Town Talk Diner (on Lake Street in Mpls) has deep fried pickles ("Frickles") which I thought were tasty but overpriced ($5.95 for a very few slices).

          1. re: Neitz

            I haven't been to the Chatterbox in Mpls, but I would say your comment about the sandwiches being overly salty would probably also apply to the sandwiches at the St. Paul location. I think, as a general rule, they are a tad overly salty and a bit oversauced...


          2. re: The Dairy Queen

            I will check it out - Probably w/in a few weeks. We do groveland tap every now and then. Good with kids, good on the wallet but not the healthiest options. (imho)

            I think groveland tap and I think buffalo wings. But I do the same with Sweeneys.

            1. re: St Paul Susie

              The portabella mushroom sandwich at Groveland Tap is a reasonably healthy option for pub food, as long as you substitute a side salad for the fries. (The side salad isn't that spectacular, I'm afraid.) They've also got a pretty good garden burger, which is a healthy option if you substitute for the fries. They've got a half a dozen entree portion salads on the menu, none of which I've ever tried. :)


        2. After going both the Highland Grill and Edina Grill, I mistakenly assumed the Groveland tap would be as good. Wow, were we dissappointed.

          I ordered the Turkey burger because I just love it at the Edina Grill. It was so pre-fab and bland.

          I'll drive the extra couple of miles to the Chatterbox if I'm in St. Paul rather than go to the Groveland tap again. Or, maybe I'll give the Longfellow Grill a try. I'm not a glutton for punishment, just optimistic.

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          1. re: MayrMN

            I think the Groveland Tap is primarily a bar, not a a restaurant in the same vein as the Highland/Longfellow/Edina grill veins. I like the Cajun Lucy and the portabella mushroom burger at the Groveland Tap. I think you'll find the Longfellow Grill to be more similar to the Edina and Highland Grills.


          2. Usually, Groveland Tap gets a recommendation for its cajun version of the juicy lucy. I'm not sure I would make a trip, or send people there, for other dishes.

            1. I really enjoyed the potroast at the Chatterbox. It's served in a deceiving bowl from which I ate much more than my fill, it was too good to stop. I love the vertically adjustable chairs in the bar also.