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Jul 24, 2006 01:44 PM

Danforth restaurant for large-ish group?

A number of our relatives are all going to be in town soon. Can anyone recommend a restaurant with enough space for 10 adults and our baby?
Some of the family have very un-adventurous palates, the last time they were here we went to Pappas Grill which pleased them but I'd like to do better.
We went to Relish with the in-laws last time they were here, so that's out. What would 7 Numbers be like? If we went to El Sol would the sheer number of our party overwhelm the kitchen causing dinner to take hours??
Alternately is there a good restaurant on the College strip? Wherever we go it needs to be easily accessible by TTC.

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  1. Seven Numbers may work, although it can be a little loud (not sure if this would be a problem for the baby). I've noticed that the back area of the restaurant can be cordoned off with a curtain, and the space looks about perfect for 10 people.

    I was happy with the food, although if you go later in the evening, they tend to run out of a lot of dishes.

    1. I'll second 7 Numbers.
      For Greek food I like Pan and Mezes. Avoid Christina's, we had dinner there last night and the food was mediocre to bad.

      1. Mezes is good. Pan is good. Avli is good (although I haven't been there in a while).

        I'd also look seriously at the old-school places, like Astoria, Omonia, the Friendly Greek and Athena's. They tend to have more familiar and less threateing options. They're not necessarily the best of what the Danny has to offer, but they're reasonable and safe options.

        El Sol is the last place on earth I'd go with a large group, much less a baby. For two people, you're looking at 2 1/2-3 hours, minimum. More, and you're just asking for trouble. The food's sublime, but there's a reason it's sometimes called "El Slow."

        I also really like 7 Numbers, but it is noisy and smallish.

        1. I would go to Pantheon, a restaurant that has large round tables which are always more conducive to conversation. It's located just east of Chester subway station. Have always enjoyed the food there though they, like most restaurants, are much better on quieter, non-weekend evenings.

          Am also a big fan of Avli; good service and Greek food that has a more modern twist. Not a fan of Mezes which I find overrated.

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            Zengarden, I'm with you on thinking that Mezes is overrated. The food is heavy on the salt and maybe that's why many would consider it "flavourful" when really it is just salt laden. And while the dips are adequate, the mains are barely edible. I don't get the allure of this place.

          2. The original comment has been removed