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Jul 24, 2006 01:42 PM

Boothbay Harbor

I'm headed to BBH this weekend. Been there twice before, and am looking for some new places to eat, hopefully some hidden gems yet to be uncovered. Here's a quick summary of where I've been:
Reds: not impressed, 2 hours for a lobster roll is a bit much
Lobster Dock: fair
Shaw's: Crab roll: great. Lobster: the tiniest 1.25 lbs I've ever seen but love the location
Spruce Point: ok, but prefer more casual for this type of trip
Pier One Pizza: YUM!
Wine/Coffee place on Townsend: cool!
Robinson's Wharf: favorite, hands down

Last year, I also ate at Daily Catch, per recommendation of innkeepers, but was somewhat unimpressed given the price. Has this place simply changed names to 93 Townsend, or is it actually a new restaurant? From what I can see, the menu looks identical.

I only need ideas for lunch and dinner (preferably close by), and any suggestions for bars with a view or happy hours would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. 93 Townsend is indeed the same ownership, same menu, just new name as Daily Catch.

    I have lunch there when I am in the area and always pleased (but agree that it is a bit $$).

    1. Robinson's Wharf is under new management and the word is not good...will be anxious to hear about your experience.

      I always enjoy Andrew's harborside restaurant in Boothbay , followed by a stop at the ice Cream Factory on the wharf.

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        I really have had only one personal experience at Andrews Harborside but it was really bad. Stifilingly hot with totally indifferent waitstaff..sat for 20 minutes without being approached for even a drink. Noted the one meal that went by to one of the few patrons...a lobster so small it didn't look legal. The place certainly looked like an overpriced tourist trap but it didn't trap us..we finally left and crossed the foorbridge and got a good lobster dinner (doubles) for the same price.

        1. re: jackattack

          Robinson's Wharf was teriffic in August of 2006. Looking forward to heading back this year. The prices were right and the atmosphere is better than anything in Boothbay. have to be kidding..tourist trap in the most extreme sense of the word..high priced poor service.

        2. The Thai place on the corner of Commercial St. and Townsend Ave is always very good.

          We went to the new Mexican place at the head of the harbor at the beginning of July. Seems OK as long as you stick to the traditional fare. My husband's taco salad was fine. I had a crab and avacado quesadilla (with mango salsa) and it was AWFUL. The Mexican/seafood fusion thing just didn't work.

          Next door to 93 Townsend is a bakery that also serves amazing Vietnamese food (go figure). We went twice during the ten days we were there. They also have fabulous doughnuts :)

          1. For the best ice cream go to Round Top in Damariscotta. (most places in the area are serving their ice cream anyway, best to get it from the source!)

            Stop at the Sea Basket in Wiscasset on your way up (or back) for wicked good fried seafood and onion rings. I always get the Shrimp Basket with the small maine shrimp.

            I hear King Eiders Pub in Damariscotta has good food, its on my list of places to try. Last time I was there we ate at Schooner Landing which didnt impress us at all.

            Shaw's does have a great view but the Lobster dinners or no bargain. Also they have perhaps the worst chowder I have ever had in my life. The baked fish dishes and any meat dishes are bad as well. They make decent fried seafood though and at lunch the clam or shrimp rolls are a good value. We have a house in pemaquid so I have been to this place at least 100 times!

            The Pemaquid fishermans coop in pemaquid harbor is a great place to get a lobster dinner. (Not to be confused with the new harbor coop next to shaws where you can also get lobsters but nothing else and is competitivly priced with shaws.)

            1. If you want fish and chips: Bet's, a fish shack on the commons in Boothbay. She's got fish, chips & fish 'n chips. Her cornmeal-coated haddock is great along with fresh cut fries (best with lots of vinegar, IMHO). Try the homemade dill sauce for the fish. No indoor seating, just a few picnic tables in the back. And the portions are huge -- the full fish & chips consists of 3 haddock fillets.