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Jul 24, 2006 01:37 PM

midwest grille tonight - what should I avoid? try?

My sweetheart has a work dinner at the Midwest Grille tonight and I'm tagging along. I was there years ago when it was (I suspect) somewhat less elaborate - just lots of meat and not much else - this was when Pampas was still around, to give you a sense of how long ago.

Any thing really wonderful? Anything to avoid? I know the meat will be quite salty, I'm curious about the other stuff.


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  1. I was just there on Saturday night for my first time. I didn't think most of the meats were too salty, with the exception of the Italian sausage, which was far too salty. I particularly liked the beef and the chicken, though the lamb and pork were also quite good. I was too full to try the chicken hearts. We requested some hot sauce and got a tasty chili pepper oil on the side.

    There are hot and cold buffets. I particularly liked the "pico de gallo"-esque salad, the black bean stew with mystery meat, and the fried plantains. Things to avoid? The fried chicken strips that were eh, and there was a mysterious yogurt-like dessert that nobody liked.

    1. What you should avoid is filling yourself on things aren't good (overdone churrasco, stuff on the buffet that you don't like). Request the meats you like and the way you want them.

      They do have some good things on the hot buffet. There probably won't be feijoada on a weeknight like the above poster had, but they often have an excellent oxtail. Sometimes they have a moqueca (fish dish) which is pretty good. There are some decent salads and fried plantains are nice.

      On the meat I find the lamb and chicken w/bacon usually tough (I had excellent lamb there only once). I give most of my attention to the picanha (called top sirloin, with a half-moon rind of fat) and request it cooked the way I want. Their calabresa (like kielbasa) I think is a little better than the linguica toscana (italian). Sometimes the alcatra with garlic (a different top sirlion cut) is worth it, sometimes not.

      If you are not in the mood for meat, I think you have the option of ordering a moqueca -- I would try to order it with both fish and shrimp if possible. Since you have had the rodezio experience already, it might be worth a try.