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Jul 24, 2006 01:07 PM

Tasting menus - Fish/Vegetarian

Any ideas for fabulous tasting menus specialising in fish/seafood/vegetarian? Price isn't too much of a factor but atmosphere is...?

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  1. Aureole on E 61st. has an amazing vegetarian tasting menu that can be paired with a non vegetarian menu so if somebody at the table wants meat they can work it out. Both are equally delicious. It is the only restaurant I have found that can do this.

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      I have done the vegetarian tasting menu at Aureole and it was quite hearty. Highly enjoyable!!!

    2. per se does a vegetarian tasting. and they're very accomodating. my wife, who doesn't eat meat, actually did the regular tasting but they substituted something else whenever it was a meat course. they'll basically tailor the menu for you.

      1. Eleven Madison Park is featuring an all Fish tasting menu. See my posting of yesterday for a description of my tasting menu--some fish but still can get a feel for the experience.

        There's always, Le Bernadin.

        1. My fiance has had great vegetarian tasting menus at both Daniel and Bouley. They were very accomodating and produced outstanding vegetarian cuisine. We left stuffed at both places.

          1. Someone has already mentioned the Aquatic tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park, but the 3-course prix-fixe menu also includes several vegetarian appetizers, as well as fish main course dishes.


            At Cafe Boulud, one of the 4 menus is specifically dedicated to vegetarian dishes.


            If you like Indian cuisine, Devi has two tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian. Of course, lots of vegetarian selections on the a la carte menu as well.