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Jul 24, 2006 01:04 PM

Advantium Oven

Does anyone have experience with the Advantium oven? It's made by GE, but there must be other similar devices on the market. It uses a combination of microwaves and halogen lights to cook foods very quickly, and the marketing material claims that you get "real oven" results with browning on the outside. We are about to replace our microwave/convection oven and don't know whether to stay with a similar model or whether to try the Advantium, which I believe can also be used as a convection oven or a microwave.

I have a kind of natural resistance to newfangled trickery in the kitchen, and I was one of the last kids on my block to get a microwave. But maybe this really is something nifty that I would find useful. On the other hand, why would I need to bake cookies in 1/4 the time? Is this really only aimed at people who generally cook frozen prepared foods?

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  1. My parents seriously looked at the Advantium for about 6 months, and ultimately they decided against it. My mother said that it seemed too hard to clean (?--haven't looked at the inside, so I don't know if her complaint was valid), and my dad said that he couldn't find a salesman who had ever used the damn thing. He offered to go buy a chicken if they would allow him to try out the display model, but Best Buy wouldn't go for it...

    1. I have one, and like it very much. It combines the advantages of microwave as well as conventional oven cooking and even includes convection. I can see how it's going to be a bit of a challenge to reach in and clean, as the oven door folds down and my arm isn't long enough to reach the back wall from standing. I'll have to stand on a stool to clean it. But, it's stainless steel inside and my other microwave is the same material. It's not a problem to clean. I just finished cooking a whole 4 lb chicken from start to finish in 42 minutes. No preheat and the kitchen isn't hot at all.