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Jul 24, 2006 12:20 PM

Lots of leftover roast beef -- now what?

A party turned out much smaller than I planned for and now I have a LOT of leftover boneless rib roast. Sandwiches are in my future and delicious roast beef hash as well, but what else? I have a lot of this stuff. I am thinking of mixing up some hash and freezing it, but I don't have any other ideas.

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  1. Although maybe in the wrong season for this but maybe beef and barley soup? I love that stuff!

    Also, you could do things like fajitas with it or quesidillas.


    1. It might be too heavy of a dish for summer, but Shepherd's Pie is good for leftover roast lamb or beef.

      1. Beef Salad sandwiches.
        Grind it up, add mayo, celery, and onion;
        spice to taste.

        1. I love Thai roast beef salad. I don't have a specific recipe but use the following with the beef, which I cut into strips:
          coarsley ground (gravelly) peanuts
          hard cook egg (I also like this crumbly)
          glass noodles
          thai hot sauce
          been sprouts
          carrots cut into very thin strips
          onions also thinly cut into strips
          thai basil chiffonade
          I make a dressing of green thai curry paste and rice vinegar.

          Sometimes, I put in sliced mango which is lovely.

          1. My favourite use is the Provençal classic *tian de boeuf aux légumes*. You'll find a recipe at and check out the rest of the thread for other ideas.