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Jul 24, 2006 12:09 PM

Who delivers food (other than pizza) in Providence?

One of the virtues of living in a city is having dinner delivered. It seems like all of the restaurants that deliver are pizza. Is there anything else out there? Perhaps Chinese? Any ideas?

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  1. There is a service in Providence called Mobile Menu (401-272-3463). I believe they only do lunch Mon-Sat, and dinner Sundays, but call to get a list of restaurants they work with (extensive i believe). Local Hero Deli (excellent sandwiches, Prov-Pawt line) delivers as well.

    1. Although they do serve pizza and other Italian offerings, Minerva in Wayland Square delivers from their full menu - including several Middle Eastern-inspired items (e.g., falafel, chicken shwarma). I've also had delivery from Cilantro in DownCity (burritos).

      But I have yet to find Chinese or Thai delivery - which is a shame.

      1. This is of limited use, because it's very sporadic, but it appears that Tacqueria Pacifica (aka the Taco Truk, previously of Decatur fame, now permanently located at AS220) is experimenting with using their taco truck as a delivery service. The folks who run it had my cell phone number for some reason, and twice now in the last month I've received text messages alerting me that they're doing burrito delivery that night. As I said, not that useful at this point, but you can keep hoping and keeping your eyes/ears peeled.

        On a related note, the mobile food cart/truck business scene seems to be growing, between the Taco Truk back on the road, the Chez Pascal hot dog cart in the park, the new veggie sushi bike cart and, I've heard rumors, a forthcoming homemade ice cream cart... yum! Not to mention all the taco trucks aroudn town. I miss the one from the parking lot off Olneyville square last summer. Anyone know where they went?

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          UPDATE: I just found out that Taqueria Pacifica is doing deliveries regularly, but only on Wednesdays! So every Wednesday night, 6-10, you can get burritos, tacos, etc delivered from them. Their phone number is 401-621-TRUK. $10 minimum.

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            Veggie sushi bike cart?! Where? When? Some more details, please, if you have them. Thanks!

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              The only set locations I know of for the sushi cart are the Decatur Lounge's backyard, where I believe they set up most Mon-Wed-Fri, and at a dance club night (Pop at Club Energy) downtown on Union St on Thursday nights late. I've also seen them at major events around town recently--AS220's Foo Fest, Black Rep's Soundsession event on Saturday, etc... the Decatur is probably your best bet.

          2. I have to say I've always found the concept of delivery a bit odd for Providence, given so many neighborhoods are walkable and the city can be driven from end to end in less than about 10-15 minutes.

            I'm glad there are so many options though!

            - Garris

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              Interesting... I think we may have different food delivery philosophies.

              Even when I lived smack dab in the middle of Dupont Circle in DC, I would order delivery. Sometimes (especially in the winter!), you just want to come home, get in your PJs, and order some good food that will arrive at your doorstep in 30-45 minutes!

            2. The At Ease (or @Ease) Cafe, which opened on Waterman where Ocean Coffee Roasters used to be is a combo breakfast/Thai place (standard breakfast fare and Ocean coffee in the morning / Thai food at night) that delivers. The Thai food isn't necessarily the most authentic, but it's decent and convenient if you don't feel like going out. I like the mango fried rice. 401-331-5282.

              Side note: the breakfasts at @Ease are spectacular, but maybe only during the school year (because they're so dependent on Brown students/faculty for business) - when I went in June, they had run out of a bunch of things on the menu.