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Jul 24, 2006 12:07 PM

Frank Restaurant in E. Village

I want to try Frank Restaurant on 88 Second Ave. after reading the "New York's Best Cheap Eats" in the New York Magazine. Has anyone tried it for lunch? Is it any good or should I look for something else? Thank you.

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  1. i used to hate the place, just because of throng of hipsters that take over the sidewalk after about 7:00, but their food really is good. and cheap (thus, the old milwaukee crowd!)

    stick to the simple stuff, which they do with amazing skill. their penne in a tomato sauce with basil is very good, as is the broccoli and garlic.

    keep in mind, after sunset it's still an annex of williamsburg.

    1. hmm... do trendy-looking people interfere with the dining experience?

      the food is generally good (pasta especially), but it gets crowded and chaotic in the evening and service never seems to have been one of their strong suits. it's definitely well-priced, but cheap might be a bit of stretch - get a pasta dish and a side veg and you're already at $20. can't comment on the daytime menu, although the place looks a lot mellower in the afternoon.

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        no, trendy's fine, but if you after around 6:00, expect to wait quite a while in line with a lot of people who just got off the l train. they don't take reservations.

      2. The one time I ate there the service was horrible and everything was pathologically salty. I'll never go back, though I do like the pizzas at L'il Frankies.

        1. i have a soft spot for the spicy squid pasta special but it can be pretty uncomfortable and the servers are spaced out.

          1. their bolognese is really yummy. it can get pretty loud in there, and is probably easier to go to earlier on in the evening. i like supper better, which is close by on 2nd between a&b, owned by the same people. it's nice to sit at the bar - you can watch the chefs making everything in front of you.

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              I totally agree. It's one of the best bolognese I have ever had. Right up there with my friend's 80 year old mom from Italy.