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Jul 24, 2006 07:34 AM


Hey fellow hounds!
I'm looking for an authentic tapas place in LA or the LA area. I want amazing sangria, not just orange soda mixed with cheap wine. And i want authentic tapas plates! Any recs would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I like Cafe Atlantic in Old Town Pasadena. They have authentic tapas and great drinks.

    Other than that, I have yet to find a tapas place I really love. Cobras & Matadors is a joke (both locations), and AOC is great but it's French.

    If you don't mind traveling a bit, try Cafe Atlantic.

    1. Not sure if they have their liquor license yet, but go to Tasca for the tapas - it's on Third street, just west of Crescent Heights. Really good, really authentic small plates. BYOB - there's not corkage fee :)

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        Tasca has not even filed an application for an ABC license. They may still be in the conditional use permit phase of the application process, which means 3 months or more, at a minimum.

      2. If you drive into Pasadena where Cafe Atlantic sleeps, then you can try Xiomara -the mama bear. Both owned by the same person. Cafe Atlantic is more casual and less$$. I like La Luna Negra on Green and Fair Oaks. Green is a one way street. parking is always a hassle. Park in the old schoolhouse parking structure "caddie corner" to La Luna on Green. Free for 2 hours. Been to La Luna numerous times. Used to be consistantly fab. Was there recently and was not as thrilled but, maybe b-cuz it was lunch or an off day. My fav is their blackened scallop salad complete w/ candied walnuts. Still love their sangrias. Another Tapas is located on Colorado - old town Pasadena. Bar Celona - very popular, more $$ than La Luna but, you may like it better. Good Luck :) KQ

        1. I like a place called The Courtyard on La Cienega (Hollywood). They're kind of pricey but worth it. Primitivo in Venice is also good

          1. I have been to Cobras and Matadors in the Los Feliz section of LA a lot of times and think it is great. They have a fried lentil dish that is fantastic. (I know it doesn't sound that exciting, but it's really good.) It reminds me of the best tapas places that I have found in Spain on the several trips that I took there.