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Jul 24, 2006 06:23 AM

The Hot Dog in LA and Environs...Wiener Factory

I realize that I'm one of the few on this board who is big fan of Pink's, maybe it's my contrarian nature, but I also love the hot dogs at Skooby's and Carney's. At Pink's it's the gestalt of dog and bun creating a beautiful unified hot dog whole, whereas at Carney's and Skooby's, it's the exploding, snappy sheer meatiness of the dog (and Skooby's marvelous fries). I crave the taste of the dog unadorned, so I generally go for just mustard, and am not big on cheese, relish, kraut, onions, etc. (Exception made for Chicago dogs and red onion sauce from NY street dogs).

So it was with great anticipation that I finally made it out to the Wiener Factory in Sherman Oaks. I will again, I suppose, show my iconoclasm, or at least my differences with the conventional LA Board hot dog wisdom when I say that I was underwhelmed. Maybe I just had too many dirty water dogs while living in NY, but the Sabrett dog they serve there just didn't excite me. It was a fine dog, but not as snappy or flavorful as any of the other three mentioned, certainly not worth a drive to the Valley. The mild Polish had more character, but I'm really not a Polish connoisseur. And the fries were absolutely pathetic...the droopy pile of curlies slumped so sadly in it's paper a soggy orange funnel cake.

Anyway, next on my list is the Stand in Encino and then I think I'll have done most all the famous LA dog stands. Additional suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. I popped my "The Stand" cherry about a week ago...i really liked the "prarie dog"...nice bun, nice snap....nice menu, friendly staff....I look forward to trying more of their options whenever I do go to the Valley.

    1. Try ti "Haute Dog" at Surfa's.

      Thye were handing out freebie tastes recently and the flavor blew me away. I opted for a sandwich but am ooking forward to the full blown doggie.