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Jul 24, 2006 05:51 AM

New Tlapazola Grill dinner

We went Friday to the new Tlapazola Grill on Lincoln South of Washington. It was there first week in business. Arrived at 6:30 to a half full house. Not an empty table by 7:00. First courses are about 7 or 8 dollars and entrees are about 12 to 16 dollars. Really good nontraditional crab cake, good veggie tamale with Mole Coloradito, tasty Spinach Crepe and top notch Baramunde Bass served over veggies with a lime caper sauce. Dessert was Tres Leches cake. Got a glass of Zinfandel and also Syrah both priced at 6 dollars. Bill for 2 before tip was a bit over 60 dollars. A really good dinner at a very reasonable price. Very impressive that the kitchen and the staff are up to speed their first week in business. This is a sure hit. Be sure to come early or expect to wait for a table. Sorry, no phone number or address. It is where the ill fated Thai/French place Couture used to be. Check it out.

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  1. parking situation? I know that place is quite tricky in that regard..

    1. Here is the address per a post of mine last Friday. Sorry, no phone number, however.

      1. wait a second, do they got two locations now. or is the one on gateway a few blocks south of mori sushi not there anymore???

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          Kevin - if you had gone through the entire linked thread of late last week, I indicated that it was as of now a 2nd location, as there was no posting notice, or sale of the existing location that I was aware of. Even today, the abc website indicates the license is still not active at the Lincoln address, which I hope means abc has not gotten it up on the site yet.

        2. thanks must have missed that part.