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Jul 24, 2006 05:22 AM

Banh mi in, or even around, Madison, WI?

Craving banh mi and have no idea where in town to find them -- any suggestions?

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  1. Replying to my own message -- I have located banh mi at Saigon Noodle at 6754 Odana, across the street from Burlington Coat Factory. Perfectly good banh mi but nothing special. And according to the folks there they are the only ones in town selling them. They also sell a nice Vietnamese iced coffee, not to sweet. Will stop by some night for dinner and report back -- as you'd guess from the name, they seem to be pho specialists.

    1. Midwest Foods, at the corner of Park and Regent, has these for sale from time to time, I think once a week, maybe Tuesdays. you might call them to be sure. When they do have them, they are pre-made and wrapped in waxed paper and just stacked up by the cash register aisle, which makes you wonder about food safety (they aren't refrigerated). They were pretty good but not fantastic. Plus I can't get used to the chewey fat on some of the lunchmeats. They're darn cheap, though. I think they get them in the same day as their produce (fabulous produce) shipment.

      1. The Angor Wat asian market in the China Palace strip mall area makes a banh mi-ish sandwich. My vietnamese bf approves, but asks them to hold the onions. If they would just toast the bread it would be really good. $2.50 a piece.

        1. Yeah, but if I'm all the way over at the China Palace mall, I'm eating at China Palace! Maybe if it's Monday when they're closed....

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            Go buy two sandwiches before you go to China Palace. The next day remove veggies and toast in the oven at 400F for a few minutes, put vegies and herbs back on - perfect for lunch.