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Jul 24, 2006 03:28 AM

Where to buy spot prawns in SF?

Am cooking a dinner from my favorite cookbook du jour, Sunday Suppers at Lucques, in a couple of weeks and would like a good source for spot prawns? I'm gearing up to do my test run and have no clue where to get these? Farmers market? Elsewhere? Help me hounds, please! : )

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    1. Not San Francisco, but 99Ranch in Daly City has had spot prawns in the past. If not then I would try Manila Market and Pacific Market also located in Daly City.

      All three market have large fast moving fish sections in there markets.

      1. Also in East Bay...

        I'd call Tokyo Fish on San Pablo Ave in Berkeley (nearest exit from 880 is Gilman) and ask them.
        Also Monterey Fish on Hopkins (Gilman becomes Hopkins as it goes into Berkeley).

        I got some spot prawns about two months ago at Berkeley Bowl, but haven't seen them since. You could call them, too.

        1. I've seen them at Sunset Super (2 locations - Vicente and Irving) before. I don't think they have them all the time though, so you'll have to check.

          1. Thanks everyone... I'm going to give it a test run this weekend! : )