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Jul 24, 2006 03:04 AM

gobi manchurian in the city?

anyone know where I can get some gobi manchurian?

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  1. Please elaborate -- I was in Ulan Bator and in former Manchuria. Anything in particular ?

    1. OK....there's this Indian place in New Brunswick where I used to live, and he had this mysterious dish called gobi manchurian. Basically, it's deep fried cauliflower in a real spicy sauce.

      1. It's an Indian dish. They make it at Devi. Devi is a fabulous upscale Indian restaurant that I just ate at during Restaurant Week. I didn't try the dish, and the caveat is that a number of user reviews on menupages say the sauce tastes like ketchup.

        My Devi post:

        1. Try Chinese Mirch at 28th & Lexington. Haven't been there in a while but their gobi manchurian used to be consistently delicious! Their okra is very good too. If you like spice, try their sechzuan lamb - its outstanding.