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Jul 24, 2006 02:05 AM

From Brainerd, MN to Madison, WI

We're on our way from Brainerd to Madison and looking for a good beakfast or lunch place. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Can you map time, route and location for us? I.E. where will you be at breakfast time and at lunch time?

    For example, Brainerd is about 2.5 hours from Minneapolis (if you don't hit traffic).

    So if you are leaving in the morning, lunch will put you somewhere between the twin cities and the Wisconsin border. You could take I94 though Mpls and St. Paul and have lunch in town or wait and eat somewhere in Hudson, WI. But if you take 694 around the cities, lunch in town is not an option. Personally, I would take 94 and have lunch in South Mpls (Quang Deli) or in St. Paul (True Thai). Both are within 10 minutes of the freeway. I don't know much about Hudson, WI, but you can try a search on the midwest board.

    If you are leaving early and want to get some driving in, you could have breakfast in Little Falls (1/2 hour from Brainerd or St. Cloud (another 1/2 hour). But you'll be on the highway so tough to find places unless you know where to go. Alternatively, you could take Highway 25 south out of Brainerd and look for the proverbial small town cafe in Pierz. Or you could go through Garrison - there are a couple of small cafes there.

    As far a breakfast in Brainerd, I don't think there is a whole lot outside of the chains or the resorts. You could try the older "downtown" area (where hwy 210 and business 371 intersect).

    1. If you're passing by Osseo, stop at the Norske Nook for pie. MMMM.